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A payment page design is one of the most critical elements to increase conversions and overall business revenue. A seamless user experience and safe payment process define how your customers view your site and hence, your brand as a whole.

In this blog, we’ll focus our attention on some of the best payment page design examples and templates to get inspired from. We’ll specifically inquire about the elements that make or break a payment page. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how the payment gateway can help you provide the best user experience to your customers. 

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Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world. In fact, as per a survey, 89% of customers1 prefer visiting Amazon before any other online store. In India as well, Amazon has been a leading online marketplace (2023 reports2).

Of course, their seamless user experience and consistency play a huge part in this. However, another big factor is customer trust.  As any merchant will tell you, a secured checkout plays a vital role in building customer trust. 

Amazon provides a safe and user-friendly payment page and here are some pointers that make stand out.

payment page design

Diverse Payment Options

Did you know that 11% of carts are abandoned3 due to a lack of preferred payment options? That 11% might just make for the major chunk of an SME’s profit. That is exactly why it is advisable to keep diverse payment options.

Moreover, these payment options must be the popular payment method of your target audience. 

For instance, UPI has become the most preferred payment mode in India for both P2P (person-to-person) and P2M (person-to-merchant) payments4.

Amazon provides payment options like net banking, UPI, credit and debit cards, and even Cash on Delivery (COD). It also provides Amazon Pay, its wallet, as a payment method (but more on that later).

Payment Page Design Examples and Templates
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Faster Checkout and Payment Process

18% of abandoned cart5 issues are caused by long checkout processes. To tackle this issue, Amazon invented the one-click checkout. It helps the customers securely save their payment information (cards/VPA in UPI) as well as their addresses. More often than not, these details remain the same on every purchase and save customers a lot of time and effort.

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Gift Cards and Promotional Codes

Today, customers are becoming increasingly interested in buying gift cards. In fact, the sale of gift cards is increasing every year6, making it a preferred mode of payment. Moreover, 68% of customers7 agree that gift cards and promotional coupons generate customer loyalty. Amazon uses this to its leverage by providing them as a separate mode of payment. 

payment page design


Web designers usually focus on elements like CTAs and order details for the payment page design. However, Apple’s payment page design examples might be an eye-opener. Here are the features in the Apple payment page design that stick out. 

payment page design

Ample Whitespace 

While customer order information is important, ample whitespace can actually help merchants boost their sales. It helps give emphasis to the CTA and heading to the next step in the payment process. Moreover, it helps increase the legibility of present elements and reduces distraction.

Clear CTAs

Apple keeps only one CTA on its payment page. This design feature alone increases their Click Through Rate (CTR) due to fewer distractions. Moreover,  the prominent CTA helps catch customer’s eyes in a few seconds. This decreases their chances of cart abandonment and increases their conversion rates.

Customer Support

78% of customers8 consider good customer service as a major reason behind brand loyalty (with which they will purchase again). Interestingly, Apple itself has a brand loyalty of 92%. 

It is not hard to realize that both of these points are interlinked.

Apple leverages their excellent customer support team to help customers buy the product. They have a live chat feature as well as a 24×7 helpline. If a customer has any doubts regarding their purchase, they can consult the experts. This helps them reduce the cart abandonment issues that arise due to uncertainty. 


BookMyShow, launched in 2007, is now one of the biggest ticketing portals in the country. Their payment page has all the elements for a high conversion rate. For instance, they offer a lot of payment options, help customers save payment details and offer the opportunity to apply promos. However, there are two elements that stand out from the rest. 

payment page design

Countdown Timer

BookMyShow includes a countdown timer on their page to speed up the payment process. This countdown timer helps develop urgency and perceive the product as more valuable. Moreover, the visual timer is even more effective as 90% of all information9 perceived by customers is visual. 

Order Summary

BookMyShow also displays the order summary with all the necessary details. For instance, it includes the name of the event along with its particulars. The amount payable is displayed with all its constituents to eliminate any confusion among the customers. 


Lenskart provides one of the best payment page design examples. Here are some features that can be considered inspiration-material!

payment page design

Cancellation and Return Policy

67% of customers10 prefer checking the returns policy before purchasing a product. Moreover, a clear returns policy can help boost repeat purchases. In fact, 92% of customers may buy again if the returns policy is customer-friendly. 

Lenskart displays this cancellation and returns policy upfront to increase customer trust. Furthermore, it saves customers time as they don’t have to separately search for the returns policy. This seamless user experience may help them increase conversion rates. 


Pepperfry is an online marketplace for furniture and decor. They provide some excellent ideas for payment page design examples. Let’s have a look!

payment page design

Security Badges

One element that stands out on this payment page is the security badges. It is well known that 19% of carts11 are abandoned as customers don’t trust the site with their payment details. Security batches like the PCI DSS compliance batch can help assure customers of their security. 

Highlight Payment Modes or Methods

Apart from this, Pepperfry also takes this opportunity to highlight that they offer No-cost EMI. This might encourage customers who are hesitant to pay upfront to buy the product. 

Moreover, they list out the bank offers according to the net banking option of the customer. Discounts and promotional sales further help the customer make the buying decision.

Nykaa Fashion

Nykka, an online fashion retailer provides some great payment page design inspiration. Let’s have a look at the particular component that makes it such an amazing payment page design. 

payment page design

Progress Bar

Nykaa Fashion provides a checkout progress bar to its customers. This helps remind customers of the steps they have completed as well as the next steps in the payment process. Nykaa leverages its clean UI and provides one of the best payment page design examples. 

Blinkit (formerly Grofers)

A lot of eCommerce companies choose to use cash on delivery (COD) as a payment option. This is because a lot of customers prefer to pay cash when they are buying from a site for the first time. However, this comes with its own set of issues. Handing out cash can be a way of transmission for germs and viruses. Given the recent pandemic, this can be a major obstacle. This is why Grofers has one of the best payment page design examples. 

payment page design

Blinkit informs its customers that they can choose to pay through payment links and QR codes. The right payment gateway can help merchants accept COD payments by providing the customer with these payment modes. 

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The delivery person can show a dynamic QR code or share the payment links through a social media app, like Whatsapp, and receive payment(s). This eliminates the use of cash and spreads awareness around online payments.

Trust Badges

Buying groceries online is still a relatively new concept. 

To ease the scepticism of customers, Blinkit has added trust badges on its checkout page. 

It assures customers that they’ll be sent 100% genuine products, with a replacement guarantee in case of an issue. These trust badges also convey a safe and secure payment process.

In fact, according to a 2005 survey12, nearly 79% of people expected to see trust badges on sites. Also, around 70% of customers did not purchase from a site that they did not trust. So, trust badges are critical to bag conversions. 

Choosing The Right Payment Gateway: How Cashfree Helps

These payment page design examples must have made one thing clear. User experience dictates your conversion rates as much as the payment process. While the former can be addressed with the right research and design elements, the latter is a bit complicated. 

Your payment gateway allows you to offer your customers a safe and secure payment experience. Moreover, it helps you accept payment in different payment modes. For instance, Cashfree allows you to accept payments in 100+ payment modes like cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, Pay Later, EMI etc. 

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Apart from this, a payment gateway can help you offer hosted as well as self-hosted payment pages. 

Pro Tip: Hosted Payment Gateway: Meaning, Uses, Benefits & How It Works

In a hosted payment page, the customer is redirected to the PSP (payment gateway’s) payment page. This integration requires fewer resources and technical assistance. On the other hand, on a self-hosted payment page, the customer stays on the merchant’s page and enters payment details there. Here, the merchant has to be PCI-DSS compliant and send the payment details to the payment gateway securely.