Welcoming Syrow as Cashfree partner

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Syrow. Syrow helps online businesses improve customer experience by providing an omni-channel customer experience management system.

Cart abandonment rate is one of the major challenges faced by e-commerce businesses. As per reports, the average cart abandonment rate on leading e-commerce platforms is as high as 60-70%

With this partnership, e-commerce platforms will be able to nudge customers who don’t complete a purchase after adding items to cart by sending a Cashfree Payment link through Syrow’s customer experience management system. 

Many e-commerce platforms also struggle with the challenge of increasing Average Order Value (AOV) to scale their revenues. Here’s how this partnership will help them scale their revenues:

At Cashfree, with our ecommerce and marketplace payments suite we have been powering payments for brands like:

In our efforts to help e-commerce platforms accelerate their growth, we have partnered with Syrow.

Why should you integrate your Cashfree account with Syrow?

  • Use Syrow to nudge customers who don’t complete purchase after adding items to shopping cart and collect online payments with Cashfree payment links
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV) by improving upsell rates. Syrow’s  customer experience agents will call customers after a sale to collect feedback and pitch relevant products and offer limited time special offers
  • Increase operational efficiency and focus on core business processes by offloading email & call support to Syrow’s customer experience champions 

How to get started?

1. Sign up on Cashfree & Syrow

Sign up with Syrow as a merchant. If you are already a Syrow merchant you can skip this step.

Sign Up on Cashfree if you are not an existing Cashfree merchant.

2. Login to Syrow Dashboard

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3. Click on Appstore and enable Cashfree option

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4. Select Cashfree and click on Subscribe

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5. Enter your Cashfree account credentials (App ID and App Secret ID) to complete the integration

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Once integrated you will be able to use Cashfree Payment Gateway directly from Syrow’s merchant dashboard.

In case you want to know more about the integration benefits or if you have any specific queries, please fill this form and our product expert will get in touch with you shortly.