Customers are increasingly using UPI, net banking, and other digital payment methods when buying products online or availing services such as education, essentials, retail, groceries, retail, medical supplies, SIP, and other services. 

According to ACI Worldwide, digital payment transactions will form 71.7% of all payment transactions by 2025 in India, owing to convenience and personalization.

Businesses want to invest in out-of-the-box payment solutions that help them go online easily and at the same time offer customers a personalized and seamless experience. 

Enter, Payment Forms.

What are Payment Forms?

Payment Forms enable businesses to create custom payment pages where they can display their products/services and collect online payments via 120+ payment methods like UPI, net banking, etc.  

Top Benefits of Using Payment Forms

Collect Payment <2 Minutes

You can create payment pages easily without writing a single line of code. Use the Cashfree Payments merchant dashboard to generate a payment form. You can define a fixed amount or amount field flexible for your customers. 

You can also add new fields or customize existing fields to collect necessary information from your customers. 

Once Payment Forms is created, you can share a single form with multiple customers to collect payments. Create unlimited forms for free and carry out your online business without interruption.

Conduct Business Locally and Internationally

You can accept payments online securely across a wide range of payment methods (120+ payment modes) without any Payment Gateway Integration. Let your customers pay via any card, 50+ net banking options, UPI, Paytm and other wallets, EMI, and Pay Later options. We also support international currencies to aid you in doing business anywhere and everywhere you like. 

Create Forms to Match Your Brand’s Look and Feel 

Highlight your product/service description on the form and collect payments instantly. Give your business credibility and relevance by using the right URL. Personalize the Payment Form URL to match that of your brand for providing a seamless omnichannel experience. The link will reflect your branding in the preview card across all social media channels.

Easy to Share. Coherent Experience Across web and Mobile 

You can simply link the form URL on your website or share it with your customers via SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Instagram, or any communication channel. With Payment Forms, you can provide a consistent experience for your customers whether they browse through mobile or web. 

Make Informed Decisions 

Use insights from reports and real-time data available on the dashboard to make well-informed business decisions. 

Who can use Payment Forms?

  • Edtech businesses like Tutors, K12 schools, coaching, and education institutes can collect due fees in bulk by sharing Payment Forms with parents and students and integrating the Form link on their website and app. ERP providers can embed Payment Forms on institute websites to automate fee instalments and due collection from parents without taking them through any login flow. 

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  • Travel & Hospitality Businesses and Agents can collect provide Book Now Pay Later payment strategy to their customers and collect the token amount and pending amount at the time of service completion with Payment Forms.
  • NGOs and Nonprofits can raise money for good causes and collect customer details for sharing receipts through Payment Forms
  • Collect user registration details and corresponding payments for Webinars, Seminars. 
  • Collect payments for utility bills and similar services such as internet, cable, telephone, gas, electricity bills, and insurance premium with Payment Forms
  • Home-based businesses that do not have an app or a website can use the Payment Form to collect online payments. Businesses running on social media like Instagram, WhatsApp can create their personalized forms, monetize their platforms, and collect payments quickly.
  • Lending companies and NBFCs can use Payment Forms as an additional source to collect loan instalments, SIP instalments, Credit card payments.
  • Forex service providers or International Money Transfers can use Payment Forms to collect customer details and payments.

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