What are we looking for?

As a DevOps Engineer, you should have hands-on experience in this role, with a strong technical proficiency in public clouds, Linux and programming/scripting.

What You Will Need :

  • Experience with DevOps techniques and philosophies
  • Passion to work in an exciting, fast paced environment
  • Good conceptual understanding of the building blocks of modern web-based infrastructure: DNS, TCP/IP, Networking, HTTP, SSL/TLS
  • Strong Linux skills
  • Experience with automation of code builds and deployments
  • Strong command line skills to automate routine system administration tasks
  • An eye for monitoring - our ideal candidate should be able to look at complex infrastructure and be able to figure out what to monitor as well as how
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and cloud-based relational database solutions like Amazon RDS, database replication and scalability
  • High Availability: Load Balancing (ELB), Reverse Proxies, CDNs etc.
  • Scripting Languages: Python/Bash/Shell/Perl
  • Experience with Virtualisation and Docker
  • CI/CD automation experience

What you’ll do?

  • Gather and analyse cloud infrastructure requirements
  • Automate obsessively
  • Support existing infrastructure, analyse problem areas and come up with solutions
  • Optimise stack performance and costs
  • Write code for new and existing tools
  • Assist development teams with any infrastructure needs


2+ years experience

Employment Terms

Full time, at our HQ in Bangalore, KA