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Connect with Cashfree split payment gateway to pay your vendors faster from Cashfree’s managed nodal account.


Offline or cash on
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Any online or offline transaction can be added and settled using our API.

How does Marketplace Settlements work?

Customer Places Order
Customer Places Order
Customer places an order for items provided by the seller(s), and you as a marketplace define vendor commission.
Sellers are Paid
Sellers are Paid
Cashfree computes the amount to be paid to the seller(s) and transfers the amount. (T+2 settlement cycle)
Easy Reconciliation
Easy Reconciliation
A detailed report on orders made to different sellers, transactions carried out and much more.

Marketplace Settlement Features


Fast Settlements

Ensures faster settlement to vendors within a T+2 settlement cycle


Easy Integration

Integrate with our simple APIs and get running in under 30 minutes


Simpler business payments

Tax computations are faster and simpler by accessing marketplace earnings per transaction


Go Global

Allow international vendors to sell through your marketplace without any hassle


Everyday we receive 2000+ donations against hundreds of our fundraisers. Previously there was manual work involved in compilations and then the funds were released via corporate net banking. This was error prone and tedious.

Marketplace Settlement helped us move away from Excel files and human intervention is now minimal in the payout process. All receipts are automatically tagged to the correct vendor and settlements are completely automated. It is simple to use and the money flow is hassle-free.

Zaheer Adenwala

Co-founder & CTO | Ketto

Are you a developer?

View API documentation to split payments


It is strongly recommended to integrate Cashfree payment gateway for collections along with Marketplace Settlements. This ensures payments are assigned to vendors automatically and settled faster. It is also easier to handle refunds. However, vendor settlements can be carried out for transactions captured through any other medium like cash on delivery or an alternate payment provider.
All the payments completed via Cashfree payment gateway on your webstore will be available for disbursal via Cashfree's nodal account. These transactions need to be assigned to a vendor's ledger - either manually or via the API. As you add transactions on Shopify, Magento or another platform, these will get assigned to your vendors and payment will be settled automatically.
To split payments you can choose to have a pre-defined percentage for a vendor. It is also possible to specify the vendor commission as a percentage or fixed sum while adding a transaction and assigning it to a vendor.
Refunds can be managed by adjusting the vendor ledger balance. This will ensure the refund amount is adjusted from subsequent vendor settlements.
No. Marketplace Settlements lets you run a marketplace using a split payment gateway without having to open and operate a nodal account. Marketplace Settlements runs on Cashfree's managed nodal account and doesn't need you to worry about auditing and compliance.
At the time of adding a transaction, you can assign the appropriate percentage of commission or set numeric commission amount. You can also add additional vendors to an existing transaction.
Yes. Just like vendors can be attached to a transaction, vendors can also be removed from an existing transaction. It is also possible to transfer the ledger balance of one vendor to another vendor.
Yes, this is possible by modifying your account preferences. By default, pending vendor balances get settled automatically daily as per the regular settlement schedule. It is possible to disable automatic settlements and manaually make a settlement request for a particular vendor by mentioning the unique vendor id against the transfer amount. Cashfree checks for available vendor balance and if it's sufficient, we trigger the transfer to the recipients bank account. This process is synchronous i.e. you will receive the transfer status in the same API call. List of settlements can be retrieved here.
Yes, your account preferences can be setup to allow vendors to be added automatically with zero lag time. Please consult your account manager or email us at to adjust your vendor activation period.
Cashfree maintains centralized nodal accounts with our banking partners, a part of that will be maintained specifically for you. You need not worry about complying with the regulations as Cashfree takes care of it on your behalf.
With our stable Payouts system, and intelligent rerouting algorithms, we ensure high transaction success rates. If in case payment fail due incorrect bank account detail, the money will be reversed to your account automatically and you will be notified. When you share correct bank account details we will trigger the payment again.
In such a case, you need to report the issue to us , you can drop a mail at Our team will adjust the appropriate amount in the next settlement cycle.
Using Cashfree advanced dashboard, you will be able to see status of vendor payment for any specific time period, you also get a account statement showing inwards payments through integrated Cashfree split payment gateway and details of outward payments via Cashfree marketplace settlement platform. If the sales are cash on delivery or you are using any other payment collection services , you can upload the transaction details and obtain a consolidated report of inward & outward payments.
We give you a daily consolidated report of split payments covering all outward payments at the end of the day.

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