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Limited period offer: Your first 500 Payouts are on us
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Why link your ICICI current account with Cashfree Payouts Direct?

Payouts API

Instant transfers

Instant transfers - Instantly add a beneficiary and make a transfer


Works on holidays

Works on holidays - Payouts work 24x7. Money moves even when banks don’t

Mass Payouts

Simpler file uploads

Simpler file uploads - Move ahead of file upload errors with Bulk Payouts.

Integrated bulk payments for your
ICICI current account

Payouts API


Is your business growing fast? Manual transfers take time and are difficult to manage.

The Payouts Direct API lets you make upto 1 million transactions a day directly from your linked bank account. Automate and reconcile all your bulk payouts with Cashfree.


Bank statements

Are your bank statements difficult to understand?

Get detailed transaction analysis - with beneficiary name, transaction type, expense category and remarks.

Mass Payouts

Slice and dice
your banking data

How much did you pay vendor X this month? How much did you receive from a remitter? Who were your top 3 vendors last month?

Get all your answers quickly from your Cashfree dashboard.

Mass Payouts

View insightful

Do you get the business insights you need from your bank statements?

Categorize your income and expenses to get insightful reports on your Cashfree dashboard.

period offer
Offer valid till 30th June 2019
  • Your first 500 Payouts are on us
  • No setup fee (for all products)
  • Zero payment gateway transaction charges on first Rs. 500,000 worth of transactions


icici current account

For cash on
delivery refunds

icici current account

For marketplace
vendor Payouts

Do mass payments using

View API docs

Explore everything you can do with the powerful Payouts API and how to get started

Test your Payouts API integration

Use the Cashfree sandbox to complete an end-to-end test of your Payouts integration, including positive and negative test scenarios.

Use Payouts to verify bank accounts

Use the Payouts API to pass account number and IFSC. Cashfree confirms if the account exists and returns the name of the account holder at the bank.

Kits to make integration a breeze

Visit our Payout Github page to integrate in PHP, Python, Java, NodeJS, .NET, Ruby.


Get notified when a Payout related event occurs.

Making single Payout transfers from dashboard

Add beneficiaries instantly and make a payment.

Making bulk transfers by uploading a file

Create a Payout file and upload it using the Merchant dashboard


When you link your ICICI current account with Cashfree Payouts Direct, you can send money directly from your ICICI account to any vendor/customer having ICICI or any other bank account.

There is no setup cost on any Cashfree product as a part of our introductory offer which is valid till the 30th of June 2019.

* Bulk transfers: Bulk transfers via bank account happen by uploading a spreadsheet on the banking portal or manually adding every beneficiary before transferring. Cashfree automates bulk transfers fully via APIs AND offers a much simpler alternative to uploading files on a bank portal.

* Handling errors: Unlike banks, where a single error in a payment file can block all the bulk payments, using Cashfree, even if there are invalid records in a file, valid transfers go through. Reconciliation for failed and invalid transfers is automated so you always know which transfer failed out of hundreds of payments, and why. At Cashfree, new beneficiary addition and activation is instant.

Lastly, when you link your ICICI current account with Cashfree Payouts Direct all of this is automated and built into your product or internal systems using our powerful APIs.

No, once you link ICICI current account with Payouts Direct, the money goes directly from your ICICI business banking account via Payout Direct, there is no need to transfer money to Cashfree account and then release the payment. If you are a bank account other than ICICI, you need to load the money in Cashfree Payouts Direct account.

1. Create a Cashfree Payouts Direct account- Fill the Contact Sales form and get a call from our payment experts

2. Link your ICICI current account to the Payouts Direct account - Update your ICICI user ID, corp ID & account number on our secure portal

3. Automate all payments - Integrate our APIs to automate vendor disbursals, salaries and customer refunds

Using bulk file uploads or manual transfers requires no technical expertise and is the quickest way to get started. Integrating the API can take a day or two depending on the complexity of integration. Many businesses start by using the bulk file upload or manual transfer option, and gradually automate operations by integrating the API. For automated payouts, ICICI corporate banking users can link Cashfree Payouts Direct with ICICI current account and then using the API send money directly from their ERP or internal product.

Transfers to bank accounts happen instantly or within a few minutes, depending on your business requirement. Transfers for amounts in excess of Rs 2,00,000 are restricted by banking hours and can take longer.

Yes, it is possible to make bulk payments even on Sundays and bank holidays.

Yes you can use the iBizz ICICI corporate banking app to track all transactions processed via Cashfree Payouts Direct.

Yes, you can send money to any active savings or current bank account in India. However, NRE and NRO bank accounts are not supported.

It is possible to send a mass Payout to India from another country. The purpose of the payment must be known while setting up the account.

period offer
Offer valid till 30th June 2019
  • Your first 500 Payouts are on us
  • No setup fee (for all products)
  • Zero payment gateway transaction charges on first Rs. 500,000 worth of transactions