The brand new updated Cashfree Payments Merchant Dashboard mobile app lets you easily access your Cashfree Payments account from anywhere, anytime, and track your payments on the go!

The Merchant Dashboard mobile app is our all-in-one Android app that gives merchants complete control over their Cashfree Payments account. 

You can access the below products via the merchant mobile app,

  • Payment Gateway 
  • Payment Links
  • Payouts
  • Cashgram 

With the newly updated app, you can now track your Payment Gateway collections, process refunds, generate payment links, and make payouts instantly! As powerful as the web dashboard, the Merchant Dashboard mobile app helps you accept payments, issue refunds, track settlements and more, in a hassle-free manner.

Payment Gateway: Track transactions, manage refunds, and monitor settlements on the go

Get a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly view of money coming in via Payment Gateway and gain meaningful insights on your business cash flow with instant reports. Initiate partial or full refund on the go and track refund status in real-time.

Payment Links: Getting paid is just one link away

Generate payment links and send them to your customers via SMS, email, or share via WhatsApp. Get paid in no time without the need for a website or an API integration.

Payouts: Send money to any bank account, UPI Id, wallet instantly, 24*7, irrespective of bank holidays

With one of the highest success rates in the industry, use Payouts to make instantaneous bulk outgoing payments/ disbursals on a day-to-day basis. Add funds, manage accounts, and track payouts transfer status in real-time. 

Cashgram: Secure your transactions & make payouts to intended beneficiaries 

Highly secure with OTP validation and the ability to set link expiry time, pay your vendors, partners, customers, or others instantly when you only know their mobile number or email address.