This blog showcases some of the best payment form templates available online. We also discuss the elements of these conversion-centric payments forms.

India stands as one of the largest consumer economies in the world. 

In fact, it boasts a retail market worth USD 810 billion. It’s only fair for the shoppers to get a smooth checkout and payment experience.

Yes, a lot of e-businesses have been able to crack the code behind developing a conversion-centric website. However, accepting payments is where the major challenge lies. 

This is where payment forms come into play. 

What is a Payment Form?

A payment form is a tool to collect payments from multiple customers. 

Consider it a secure and streamlined payment collection tool. Here are some of its most noteworthy features:

  1. Quick to create
  2. Easy to customise and integrate on webpages, apps or landing pages
  3. Backed by many security features that promise end-to-end payment data encryption
  4. Easily shareable 

But, how to create a payment form that promises conversions? 

What are some of the best Payment Form templates? 

In this blog, we’ll touch base on this very issue and highlight some brands that have the best conversion-centric payment form templates in the market.

Top 19 Payment Form Templates: Cheat Code For Businesses

Now that we’re aware of the tips and tricks around how to create a payment form, let’s look at some outstanding payment form templates.


We’ll just say it. 

By far, Amazon has one of the best payment forms in the world. 

This e-commerce giant has not only mastered the art of creating the most user-friendly website but assures a smooth and streamlined payment process. 

Listed below are some features that make Amazon’s payment form stand out.  

Display Diverse Payment Options

From credit/debit cards to net banking, wallets, and even cash on delivery, Amazon offers an expansive variety of payment options

This ensures that any customer who lands on the payment form finds a payment option of their choice and irrespectively completes the transaction. 

As a brand, you can also choose to partner with a payment gateway that helps you offer multiple payment options to customers via your payment form. For instance, Cashfree Payments offers 120+ payment options including cards, wallets, UPI, net banking, etc. 

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Pay Using Multiple Payment Option at Once

It leverages customers to use their available Amazon Pay balance and pay the rest using any of the given payment options. 

For instance, in the above use case, the customer can use INR 15.00 from their Amazon Pay balance.

Thereafter, they can pay the remaining balance using other payment modes. 

Use Amazon Pay Later service

The payment form also enables customers to convert their entire order value into EMIs to pay at a later stage. 

The best part? 

Everything happens on the form itself. You’re not redirected to another page to complete the process.  

Safe to say, the beauty of Amazon is its attempt to personalise the customer experience!


A British online fashion store, ASOS is most famous for its hipster clothing line for both men and women. 

While the entire aesthetics of the website is quite amazing, its payment form is what will most appeal to your eyes. 

The step-by-step process is quite user-friendly on both mobile and desktop versions. It uses various functionalities to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Clear Display of Order Summary

The order summary nicely floats on the right top corner. 

This keeps the users informed about what they’re buying and how much they’re spending. 

Multiple Delivery Options

The brand clearly states available delivery options with expected delivery dates and other essential information.   

Seamless Payment Journey

ASOS uses a single, seamless scroll-down form. 

This makes the entire payment journey a lot shorter and quicker. It also avoids the potential of a customer abandoning the cart at the last stage.  

ASOS understands the nitty-gritty of customer experience and hence, it ensures that the entire payment process completes in a matter of 2-5 seconds at max. This is surely an ideal payment form template for businesses getting into the online fashion space.  

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This Indian fashion brand has one of the chicest websites. 

Besides elegantly using whitespace across the entire site, Myntra knows how to woo its customers and ensure they convert. 

Multiple payment options

Myntra offers an exhaustive range of payment options to its customers.

This eliminates hesitation and encourages instant payments.

Bank Offers and Gift Cards

The fashion brand also enables its customers to avail additional discounts by applying bank offers. 

It also allows them to redeem any gift cards they have and get further deductions.  

Transparent Pricing

Throughout the process, Myntra keeps its customer’s information about their cart value and inclusive price break up in detail. 

It clearly mentions the actual cost of goods, discount(s) applied, convenience fee charged, and the final payable amount. 

This instils a sense of trust among the users.

Payment form templates by Cashfree Payments come embedded with such features. As business owners, you can custom create fields for bank offers, promo codes, and even enable them to earn reward points on each transaction.      


The conversion rate remains the foremost concern of every eCommerce brand today.

H&M strategically leverages this to its advantage. 

It understands that payment forms can be tricky and serve as a friction in a customer’s journey. Hence, H&M uses a simple one-page checkout and payment form template. 

Zero Redirection

The quicker a customer proceeds to the finish line, the higher the chances of conversions.

H&M’s two-step payment process ensures exactly the same.  

Offering Preferred Payment Options

H&M offers the preferred payment modes in any particular geography on its payment form. For instance, it highlights UPI as a payment option here.

Incidentally, UPI is one of the most preferred payment options in India.

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Besides these, H&M also plays hard on customer psychology. Similar to many leading eCommerce brands H&M too displays all purchase-related details, including product images, on its payment page. This helps customers to be sure of what they’re buying. 


Bellroy’s website is an absolute delight for visitors to navigate. 

But, one thing that most excites the visitors is the ease of payment. 

Two Payment Forms 

Most eCommerce sites have one dedicated payment form to complete the transaction. Bellroy has strategically embedded two payment forms on its checkout page. 

  • Express payment form – Quick payment options to complete the transaction and avoid entering billing or delivery information.
  • Other payment form – Use a debit or credit card besides PayPal and Google Pay to make payment.    

Data Validation

Bellroy essentially helps customers to validate the information they’ve filled. 

If not, they can correct their mistakes quickly and move to the next field. This reduces form friction and increases accuracy.

The accessory brand tactically offers only the three most popular payment options. These are quick, facilitate faster transactions, and are well-suited for international customers as well.  

The Messy Corner 

The Messy Corner is quite famous among the Indian youth for its range of personalisable and customisable gifting options.

They have paid much attention to its payment form as well. It offers one of the simplest ways for customers to complete transactions and place orders.   

Simple Payment Form

 The payment form has two payment options for customers to complete the transaction. 

  • Pay using card, wallet, UPI, net banking, and PayPal.
  • Pay late at 0% interest rate. 

If you choose to pay using popular payment methods, you’re redirected to another payment form where you can choose a payment mode of your choice and complete the transaction. 

The Messy Corner uses Cashfree Payments’ custom payment forms to easily and quickly collect payments and process orders. 


A complicated checkout and payment process can scare shoppers off your website quicker than you can imagine. 

Nike understands the fact quite well. 

That’s why, compared to most similar online stores, Nike offers a clean and personalised payment experience to its customers. This directly reduces the chances of customer churn. 

Here’s how Nike’s payment form stands out. 

Personalised Payment Experience

Offering multiple payment options is one thing.

Personalising a customer’s experience is another. 

Needless to say, personalization can be a big contributor to a organization’s sales. After all, 80% of consumers are willing to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

And, Nike masters the art of personalisation.  

Personalised content such as “How would you like to pay” makes the footwear brand stand out. It’s enough to especially make the new customers feel special and wanted, and persuade them to complete the purchase cycle.   

Customer Support Number

A customer can face an issue anytime, even when they’re on your payment form. 

Adding customer support numbers helps 

  1. reduce the chances of churn 
  2. generate more sales

It’s the small details that many times leave a lasting impression on the mind of the customers making the branding what it is today. 


‘Simplicity is the key to success.’ 

Adding multiple elements to your payment page to ensure customer satisfaction is easy. But, putting a sense of simplicity is difficult

This is where Bata strikes high. 

Clean Payment Form Design 

Similar to Nike, Bata too has embedded a clean and clear payment form on its checkout page. 

You also get multiple payment options to choose from and can even redeem a credit note to avail additional discount.

Pay Using QR Code 

QR code scanning is one the easiest ways to make payments in a matter of seconds. 

Not many brands, including popular eCommerce brands, offer this payment facility. 

But, Bata does.

As merchants, you can use one of the two types of UPI QR codes to collect payments.

1. Static QR Code 

2. Dynamic UPI QR codes

Each has its own list of benefits depending on the type of business you run. 

Cashfree Payments enables you to use either of the two to accept payments in a much faster manner. 

Read our blog UPI Payments For Businesses: A Guide for better understanding. 


Nykaa exemplifies how simple UX practices and thoughtfulness can help a brand enjoy a competitive edge in the market.

The online beauty brand extends thoughtfulness to its payment page as well. If you closely look at the image below, you’ll notice the following: 

Clearly Mapped-out Order Details

Besides choosing a payment option of their choice, customers also get to review their cart details on the payment form itself. This includes, 

  • Items present in the bag 
  • Subtotal 
  • Shipping charges
  • Discount(s) applied
  • Grand total

Critical Bank Information

Bank downtimes and outages are common. 

But that shouldn’t keep the customers from completing the payment process. 

That’s why Nykaa ensures to add a note on its payment form (check the image above) to inform its customers about such situations. Customers can then choose an alternate payment option and complete the translation. 

Trust Badges

Trust badges play a significant role in shaping a customer’s mind. 

They help convey a sense of reliability assuring the customer that they’re making the right decision. Nykaa too uses trust badges to instil assurance and reliance. 

Seamless payment experience is the key to conversions. This is where Nykaa excels and hence, stands as one of the best and most trusted beauty product sellers in India.  


Similar to Nykaa, Sugar focuses much attention on offering a seamless payment experience to its customers.

Payment Mode Examples

Along with listing popular payment methods, the brand also shares examples so as to clear any confusion. 

For instance, in the case of UPI, users can use options like GPay, PhonePay, BHIM, etc. to make the payment. 

Similarly, if a user chooses a mobile wallet as their payment mode, they can use PhonePay, Freecharge, etc. to complete the transaction. 


Netflix has always been regarded as a market disruptor. 

From its personalization techniques to subscription plans and payment processing, everything’s unique and customer-centric. 

The minimal and compact layout of Netflix’s payment form allows customers to subscribe to its services in a matter of seconds. 

Zero Clutter and Speed to Delivery

Unlike other similar online streaming platforms, Netflix asks for minimal information from its customers

It offers only two payment options and also displays a secure server badge just above the payment options. 

This instills a sense of trust among the subscribers. 

Faster Payment Processing

This isn’t really a payment form template feature. 

However, it is too important a point to not mention!

Once a customer chooses a payment option of their choice, it takes only a few seconds to process the payment and get the subscription rolling right away. 

Meanwhile, it also gives subscribers an option to review their selected plan and change it even at the last stage (if they wish to). 

Faster payment processing and high transaction success rate are essential to every business. 

Partnering with the right payment aggregator such as Cashfree Payments can help you achieve these goals faster.


JioSaavn is one of India’s leading music streaming service providers. 

Being a music streaming platform, JioSaavn offers a dramatic experience to its customers. 

This extends to its payment page and form as well. 

The addition of catchy headlines and simple payment plans add a nice touch and persuade visitors to make quick decisions. 

Talk about sales-centric copywriting!

Discount on Subscriptions

Everyone loves discounts, especially when the benefits can be availed for a longer period of time. 

Discounts on subscriptions can directly affect subscription rates as well!

JioSaavn offers a huge discount (67-70% off) on its annual plan compared to no discount on its monthly plan. 

This makes customers choose JioSaavn’s annual plan by default. 

And, the brand gets a loyal customer for an entire year. Amazing strategy, isn’t it?


The online media streaming platform offers a well-planned and designed payment form that offers more than just payment options for users to choose from. 

Here are a couple of things that make Hotstar’s payment form stand out:

Appealing Aesthetics

Though one might say that it’s a simplistic payment form.

Keeping your payment form clean and clear is what most attracts visitors. Moreover, it enables faster conversions

Keeping Customer Informed

The brand furnishes any and all descriptive information that informs customers about what exactly they’re paying for. 

For instance, in the image below, Hotstar indicates that the customer is signing up to upgrade their plan. Additionally, the form also informs the customer about future subscription payments. 

Informing the customer builds a sense of trust w.r.t the brand. Resultantly, brands like Hotstar are able to build a loyal customer base.


Bookmyshow has one of the coolest and most visually appealing websites.

However, one of the site’s most interesting features is its payment form.

Loyalty Points and Discounts 

The ticketing platform allows customers and apply promo codes to avail discounts.

They can also opt to earn loyalty points. Thereafter, they can use them to avail further discounts on future bookings.  

QR Codes as Payment Mode

Bookmyshow is one of the early providers of QR code scanning payment facilities in India. 

QR Code scanning facilitates one of the quickest payments compared to its counterparts. 

The order to conversion rate through this payment mode is also quite high. 

Progress Bar

This is another feature that makes Bookmyshow stand out. A progress bar allows customers to easily access previously entered information and eliminate the risk of back and forth. 

  • Change information while staying on the same page 
  • No back and forths eliminate the risk of filling the form again and again
  • Enable customers to verify their details 

Countdown Timer 

Stats show that adding a countdown timer on your payment form can increase your business revenue by almost 9%. 

The countdown creates a sense of urgency in the minds of customers. 

It compels them to complete the transaction within the defined period of time. Alternatively, they’ll either lose the deal or will have to start the process all over again. 

Furthermore, Bookmyshow’s payment form template features a comprehensive order summary. 

The cost breakup helps customers know exactly what they’re paying for. 

They also get the option to add or remove some particular amounts such as nominal contribution towards BookMyShow’s charity initiative BookASmile. 

Vodafone Idea

Similar to Bookmyshow, Vodafone Idea features a clean website with abundant white space.

It features all popular payment modes and provides any additional payment-related information to customers.

Highlighting Certain Payment Modes

From a customer’s (and hence sales) perspective, it’s better to have various payment modes. 

However, businesses have reasons to favour one payment mode over another

For instance, UPI has a lower merchant discount rate compared to any other mode. Alternatively, the merchant may have tied up with a particular PSP or BNPL platform. 

In such a situation, the merchant may offer discounts on that particular payment mode.

This is exactly what Vodafone does on its payment form.

It informs customers about the discounts they can avail using different payment modes. In this case, customers can get up to INR 50 cashback on a minimum transaction of INT 199 by making payment via the Amazon Pay UPI service. 

Vodafone Idea ensures a highly convenient and safe payment process giving its customers a sense of security.   


Airtel has built an easy-to-use and functional website that enables users to find the right plans and make recharges easily. 

However, unlike its counterpart, Airtel has a well-designed payment form template that offers a comprehensive and transparent payment summary. 

Payment Security

The form indicates that Airtel is PCI compliant and ensures 100% payment security. “Don’t worry, your money is safe!”

This Singapore-based online travel agency empowers its visitors to do their own research right on its home page. 

Agoda understands that information is the key to conversion in its business’ use-case. 

Hence, each of its landing pages including the payment page and payment form has all the necessary details that can compel a user to take the desired actions. 

Additionally, it also uses elements such as FOMO and assurance claims to ensure conversions. 

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Just like Bookmyshow, Agoda also uses a countdown clock on its payment form template. 

It compels individuals to complete the transaction within the specified time frame or they’ll lose the deal. 

FOMO is also highly effective in converting first-time users into paying customers. According to statistics, nearly 60% of individuals make payments because of FOMO

Free Cancellations 

 As you can see in the image above, Agoda offers customers to make free cancellations with a total refund on or before a certain time and date. 

This is also a factor that helps convert visitors into customers in a shorter period of time. 

Dynamic Currency Conversions

Since Agoda caters to a global audience, it shows the amount payable to its customer in their domestic currency and enables them to pay in one. 

This eliminates currency conversion mathematics and gives customers some peace of mind. 


Blinkit, formerly known as Grofers, has not only changed its brand name but its overall persona as well. 

In fact, the grocery delivery service provider has also revamped its payment form template. 

Easily Navigable Payment Form

Users can now verify their order items, phone number, delivery address, and delivery time on the payment form itself. 

In case of any issue, they can go back to the previous page to make the changes. 

Accepting Meal Cards 

Blinkit also offers a host of payment modes including meal cards like Sodexo. 

Moreover, it provides an option to apply promo codes or avail bank discounts.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Besides its website, Blinkit has also optimised its payment form for its mobile application. 

The form is extremely easy to understand for users. 

It showcases arrows directing users to avail offers and complete the process. 

The simplicity of Blinkit’s payment form template is what makes it one of the easiest to use. If you’re a brand working on a similar page, Blinkin should be your go-to inspiration, especially for mobile apps.      


Fitbit offers some of the coolest fitness tracking devices on the market today. 

While the website’s overall look and feel is what compels users to navigate end-to-end, its pop-up payment form template is ideally what steals the show. 

Pop-up Payment Form Template

One-of-its-kind, Fitbit features a pop-up payment form that helps users complete the transaction while being on the pop-up window itself. 

It also offers a variety of payment options to choose from including paying via QR code scanning, EMIs, PayLater service, etc.     

Dynamic Discount Offers

Users can also avail on the spot bank offers and get discounts on each transaction. These options are dynamic and change frequently. 

This is one of the coolest and most attractive payment forms we’ve come across in a while. 

Fitbit does know how to elevate customer experience and ensure repeat conversions.

Ready To Get Inspired?

Creating a payment form template is easy. 

Adding the right elements that push conversions is hard.

Each of these brands has cracked the code to build a unique payment form template. 

It helps

  1. compel individuals to take the desired action
  2. And converts them into repeat customers

If you too are looking for inspiration to build the right, conversion-centric payment forms, these are some brands to keep in mind. 

For the rest, we at Cashfree Payments are here to help.

FAQs on Payment Form Templates

What are some tips to design conversion-centric Payment Forms?

Technology today has empowered businesses to collect and disburse payments in the most effective and efficient manner. You can use payment form creation tools, such as one offered by Cashfree Payments to create personalised payment forms that suit your business needs. 

However, there still are some basic tips and tricks to converting these payment forms into conversion-centric sales generation tools. 

  • Include all order and payment-related details 
  • Offer diverse payment options
  • Verify UPI IDs before processing payments 
  • Add intimation about bank downtimes
  • Use single-page payment forms
  • Reduce form fields and ask for minimal information
  • Arrange the form fields from easiest to hardest
  • Offer auto-complete & auto-filled form options
  • Add progress bars on long forms
  • Improve checkout speed and performance
  • Add customer support channels such as live chat, contact information, etc.