[What’s New] Introducing softPOS – Accept Contactless Payments From Any Android Device 

Businesses traditionally have been heavily reliant on the cash economy. A transaction of INR 100/- with a local business would always result in fights for spare change.

To make SMEs owners’ lives easier, we are introducing an all-in-one business payment solution, softPOS. 

What is softPOS by Cashfree Payments

softPOS by Cashfree Payments is an Android app that helps businesses accept digital payments on the go. Payments can be collected via QR code, tap and pay, cards, payment links, the buy now pay later option, and many more. With softPOS, businesses can record cash as well as online payments on a single interface and merge their online and offline world. Try now!

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Benefits of Using softPOS?

Turn Any Android Device Into a POS Machine

You no longer need an external POS machine and configurations to get paid from customers. 

You can now simply download the softPOS Android app, connect your Cashfree Payments account, and get paid right away without the hassles of complex payment configurations.  

Multiple Payment Modes

softPOS provides multiple payment modes for you to get paid. Accept payments via 

  • Tap and Pay (using your mobile phone’s NFC)
  • Dynamic QR Code Scanning
  • Payment Links
  • Record Cash received at hand

What’s more? You can now make reconciliation easier and straightforward for your business. Switch easily within payment modes for a higher success rate. 

Note: To accept payments through Tap & Pay, smartphones phones should have Android level 28 (Pie) i.e. models after 2018 or above. For payments through the rest, Android level 23 is required.

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Higher Conversion Rates and Sales

You can now provide flexible payment options like Buy Now Pay Later, making shopping more convenient and fun for your customers.  Attract customers who were hesitant to buy earlier. 

Empower Your Staff

Add agents to the dashboard, who can accept payments on your behalf. All collections will be reflected collectively on the merchant dashboard. Track and monitor the status of the transactions. Manage your business operations from anywhere. 

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