Payment Policies

FIRC(Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate): Meaning, Procedure & Format

This blog details the definition of FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate). It also talks about the importance of a FIRC certificate and the process...
Etee Dubey
7 min read

Payments Digest by Cashfree: Jan 2021

India’s digital payments policy updates for January 2021- Digital lending, the PIDF, and the DPI.
Asheeta Regidi
4 min read

What are the KYC procedures for merchant onboarding?

This looks at the complete KYC cycle undertaken for merchants from the pre-onboarding to post activation stage.
Asheeta Regidi
6 min read

Types of merchant fraud encountered by Payment Aggregators and…

This article takes a quick look at the types of merchant fraud PAs encounter and the measures to tackle it.
Asheeta Regidi
5 min read

Addressing merchant fraud and the KYC challenge for B2B…

This explores in detail steps for addressing the fraud & KYC challenge B2B platforms & aggregators face today with effective end-merchant verification & monitoring.
Asheeta Regidi
11 min read

Regulation 2.0 for Payment Aggregators: Reimagining the role of…

This article takes a comprehensive look at the new PA norms-the flexible funds management introduced, the innovation enabled, & what still needs to change.
Asheeta Regidi
9 min read

24×7 NEFT Transactions Announced By The RBI: What Does…

To bolster the Indian digital payments and settlement systems, the Reserve Bank of India made an announcement that the NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)...
Yash Vardhan
1 min read

Looking At India’s Payments Policy Initiatives Over 2019 and…

This article provides a quick overview of 15 key payment policy initiatives of 2019, their impact & further steps.
Asheeta Regidi
9 min read