What are the different types of reports and how to access it?

Cashfree Payments offers a wide range of ‘Payouts Reports’ such as:

  • Transfer reports - Here you can view details of the Payouts made and Cashgrams that are redeemed for the date range selected.
  • Account Statement -In this report, you can view details of all the credits and debits in your Payouts account.
  • Reversed Transfers - Here you can view details like date, time, and reason of all transfers that are reversed.

Other reports like Cashgram, PAN Verification & Bank Validation are also available.

To download a report → Just select the ‘Report type’ → You can use various filters to generate your report as per your preference
Now click on ‘Generate Report’ to generate the report → You can now download the generated report or also delete it.
You can also search & filter the generated reports.

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