How do I add funds to my Global Payouts account?


Cashfree creates a Recharge account when you (merchants) complete the activation process. The account number and swift code for the recharge account will be available in the ‘Bank Account Details’ section of the dashboard. 

You can add funds directly to your Recharge accounts and your total available balance will be displayed on your Global Payouts dashboard


To add funds to your Recharge Account, you need to first add Cashfree as a beneficiary in your registered bank.

  • You can add funds from the registered bank account only. You can find your bank account details Send an email to your Cashfree Account Manager and provide your bank details.

  • As per the Reserve Bank of India’s directive, the funds available in your Recharge Account are to be disbursed within 7 days from the date of funds receipt in your account. If the funds are not disbursed within the stated period by the merchant, Cashfree will initiate a balance reversal to your registered bank account.

  • If your banking partner requires details on the Nostro account (Intermediary Bank Account Details), contact your Account Manager.

Please ensure your Recharge account has sufficient funds to continue making payouts seamlessly

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