What are the terms and conditions for Amazon Pay offer for Payouts merchants?


Cashfree Payments supports payouts to your recipient using different payout methods. Currently, the following payout methods are supported: 

  • Bank transfers

  • Card transfers

  • UPI

  • Wallets (including Amazon Pay)

You can do a payout to any of the above payout methods depending on your recipient's preference.

Wallet payouts can be made at all times, including weekends and holidays. With instant payouts, you can immediately send funds to all available wallet accounts. 

Amazon Pay as a popular payout method

Payouts merchants can do payouts to beneficiaries via Amazon Pay Gift Cards(APGC). Businesses are using AmazonPay as a payout method for use-cases like cashback, customer refunds, and incentives to sales and other agents, among other use cases.

Limited time offer for merchants using Payouts or Cashgram:  

  • Unlimited number of Payouts, when you send money via Amazon Pay at ZERO cost

  • Additionally, for Payouts made to Amazon Pay Gift Card, you get 1% discount on the amount disbursed. 

  • For example, when you disburse ₹100 to a recipient using Amazon Pay Gift Card as a payout method, you pay Cashfree Payments Zero charges on the Payout. Additionally, Amazon Pay will give a 1% Cashback of the value of the payout i.e ₹1. 


  • Please note: 

  • This is a limited-time offer and will be valid till 31st March 2023.

  • This offer can be availed by existing and new Payouts and Cashgram merchants as well. If you are not using Payouts or Cashgram yet, go to the dashboard and activate it for your account.

Benefit to the Beneficiary:  

  • Shop for 20Cr+ products on Amazon. There are no restrictions on the usage of the balance, it can be used during the sale season also.

  • Pay utility bills like electricity, broadband, Mobile bills, Recharges, Insurance, etc.

  • Pay on 12000+ partner brands like Swiggy, BookMyShow, IRCTC, Dream11, etc.

  • Convert to 140+ brand vouchers

Please refer Terms & Conditions applicable for beneficiaries issued by AmazonPay https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/display.html?ref_=hp_left_v4_sib&nodeId=GNG9PXYZUMQT72QK 

Benefits to Merchants:

  • No end-user KYC: Amazon Pay gift cards do not require KYC details of the end user or beneficiary

  • No onboarding cost or maintenance cost for Amazon Pay automated solutions

  • You only need the beneficiary's phone number to make the payouts

  • Payouts are done instantly and reflected instantly in the statement for the beneficiary

  • The maximum limit per transfer is ₹10,000


How does Amazon Pay work on Payouts & Cashgram?

Money transfer through Amazon Pay is available using all three modes-Payouts API, excel file upload bulk transfer and Quick Transfers using Payouts Dashboard. 

Using Cashgram? Offer Amazon Pay Gift Cards as an additional payment mode and let users receive the payment on the mode they prefer.


Follow the steps to check out the experience using Amazon Pay as disbursal mode for Payouts merchants:

Step 1: Login to your Cashfree Merchant Account

Step 2: Now choose Payouts

Step 3: On Payouts Dashboard, click on Transfers and then click on the Quick Transfer button, enter the beneficiary ID and specify the transfer mode as Amazon Pay, enter the amount and click on confirm. As the transaction is completed successfully, the beneficiary will get notified via an SMS.

Note: The beneficiary addition happens instantly and the details saved can be used for subsequent transfers.

Payouts API

If you are using Payouts API, you can use this code snippet to do a payout with Amazon Pay as the payout method.


Refer to Payouts APIs herehttps://docs.cashfree.com/reference/payouts-api-overview


How to avail the offer for your Payouts Account? 

- Existing Cashfree Payouts and Cashgram merchants:

          Amazon Pay works seamlessly with your existing Payouts & Cashgram integration. To enable Amazon Pay as a payment option, get in touch with your Cashfree Account Manager. For any queries write to care@cashfree.com with the subject line “ Amazon Pay as Payout method”.

- Merchant not active on Payouts or Cashgram: 

         Visit the Cashfree Payments Merchant Dashboard and select Payouts or Cashgram and click on Activate.

In case of any queries write to us at care@cashfree.com with the subject line “ Amazon Pay as Payout method”

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