I run an NGO. How can I use Cashfree to accept donations?


Cashfree provides you with the flexibility to create PayMe links, a specially crafted payment link that your customers can use to pay any amount of their choice to your account.

Here's how you can setup PayMe links to help receive donations for a cause:

  • Go to PG Dashboard > PayMe > Add PayMe Link
  • Enter a PayMe Identifier and PayMe Description
    • PayME Identifier - The URL identifier after https://www.cashfree.com/donation/{identifier} which will be shared with customers. (Example: covid-relief-fund)

    • PayME Description - Title of the campaign. (Example: India Needs Oxygen and Vaccines!)

  • Enter the phone number on which you want to be notified when your customers make the payments. You can also add a secondary phone number
  • Click Create A PayMe Link
  • Go to PG Dashboard > PayMe > PayMe Details
  • In the subsequent form edit screen, add the following fields:
    • Small Input for Donor PAN (if you want to collect donor PAN details)

      • Field Label - Donor PAN

      • Field Options - Required (enable if you want to keep PAN mandatory)

  • Large Input for Donor Residential Address (if you want to collect donor address details)

    • Field Label - Residential Address

    • Field Options - Required (enable if you want to make address mandatory)

  • Use multiple Section Breaks to add the static text content to show besides the form

  • Note:

    • Field Label is shown as a section title on the website (Example: Contact Us)

    • Field Description is shown as section text content on the website

    • To add new lines in the Field Description text, use <br> in the text and the content after that will be in a new line. Do not use the Enter key for this purpose (Example: the text “care@cashfree.com<br>+9199999xxxxx<br>Address” will be shown as follows with content after <br> shown in new line)

    • ou can use the following content (one section break for each section) as a reference to create a complete donation page.

      • Donation Cause

        • Clearly mention how the donated funds will help Covid-19 patients & if you have partnered with any other donation agency.

        • Example: Our hospitals are going through dire situations, we urgently need more oxygen cylinders, concentrators and vaccine doses to save as many lives as possible. <br>This campaign started as a self-funded mission to help hospitals across the country get immediate access to 100 oxygen concentrators and fund 5000 vaccine doses.

      • Tax Exemption Details

        • If your organisation is eligible to give 80G certificates, clearly mention your registration number and PAN details

        • Example:  Your contribution has an exemption of 50% under Section 80G of the IT act. 80G certificate will be provided within a few days if valid PAN and residential address are provided by the payer. Compulsory for donations above Rs. 50,000. <br>Registration No: XX <br>PAN: XX

      • Contact Us

        • Provide your valid contact details so donors can reach out to you.

        • Example: youremailid@yourdomain.com<br>+9199999xxxxx<br>Your Registered Address

      • Terms & Conditions

        • Clearly mention any terms and conditions if applicable to donors.

        • Example: Donations using this link can be made by Indian citizens only (residents and non-residents). We accept cards issued outside India.

  • Click Save Form to save the changes.

  • You can check the link on https://www.cashfree.com/donation/{identifier}
    This is different than the usual PayMe address - https://cashfree.com/payme/{identifier}

  • If you follow all the above mentioned steps correctly, the final output would be similar to the image below:

Now, go ahead and start collecting funds for a cause that's dear to you!

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