What is an Instant Settlement?


Instant Settlement is an advanced payment gateway feature offered by Cashfree that lets you access your funds within 15 minutes of payment capture from the customer. This will help you to respond faster to new business opportunities, and get complete control over your working capital.


How Instant Settlements will help you grow your businesses?

  • Manage your working capital better: With instant access to your funds, you can plan your business expenditure better and drive your business towards growth. This can also help avoid the dependency on costly short-term loans to meet business needs.

  • Make fool-proof projections: You can now plan your short-term business goals better without the need to assume the revenue you are yet to receive. You can take calculated risks based on your liquidity and not shoot in the dark.

  • Handle refunds and chargebacks better: The uncertainty around the usual settlement cycles often affect transactions where the customer has requested for a refund or a chargeback immediately. With instant settlements, you get instant access to those funds and in case of refunds or chargebacks, you can happily reverse the payments instantly, without the need to incur any loss for those transactions.


What are the different Instant Settlement options Cashfree offers?

Instant Settlements

You can accept online payments from your customers and access those funds as soon as 15 mins from the time of payment capture, even on holidays, with Instant Settlements. You can specify the time interval for settlement and all the settlements will be carried out accordingly.

Same-day Instant settlements

Businesses who wish to pay out all their daily dues and close the book by the end of day can opt for same-day settlements. This way, all the payments made to their business between 9 a.m IST and 5 p.m IST will be credited on the same day.

We hope this feature will help reduce dependency on taking short term loans and provide you with complete control over your business inflows, and in turn help grow your business better.  To enable the feature please reach out to us by filling this form.


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