Cashfree Auto Collect

Reconcile inward NEFT/RTGS payments automatically. Achieve efficiency by mapping the transfer with payer on the fly.

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How does it work?


Create Virtual Account

Create unique virtual bank account number for each of your customer using Cashfree AutoCollect APIs


Customer transfers

Customer makes payment into the virtual account number provided by you via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS


Receive notification

We notify about payment with transfer details over email and sms. Webhook is supported to receive server notification



Payments received from the customers are settled into your bank account by end of the day

Other Awesome Features

Multiple Settlement Account

Every virtual account can be mapped to it's own settlement account. Helps you organize the money better.

Activation Control

Deactivate a virtual account any time you wish. Transfers initiated to a disabled virtual account will be rejected.

Customise Notifications

Ability to choose different set of email addresses and phone numbers for every new virtual account

Faster Settlements

Receive money in less than 3 hours* into your bank account. Way faster than net banking payment settlements.

Scale up your collections

Take actions quickly on inbound bank transfers