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What is a UPI QR Code?

A UPI QR code (Quick Response Code) is a machine-scannable code generated using NPCI's UPI infrastructure used for storing merchant's bank information. Users can scan code using any UPI app to make a payment.

UPI QR Code for businesses

  • Generate QR codes

     in seconds
  • Print and display anywhere
  • Pay zero transaction cost
  • Stay compliant with government regulations


Who can use UPI QR Code?

Businesses with franchise model or having multiple branches or departments can generate unique UPI QR codes for each unit to collect UPI payments and match payments with individual units.

Multi - chain businesses like restaurants, travel agencies, jewelery showrooms, theaters, retail stores, pharmacies etc.

Multi - department institutions like hospitals, schools, universities and service centers like auto-mobile centers etc.


Built for growing businesses

Use Powerful APIs

  • Generate any number of unique UPI QR Codes in seconds
  • Get notified on successful payment via webhook notifications instantly
  • You can also generate custom reports for each UPI VPA ( branch / department / franchisee) using API calls
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Centralised control with Dashboard

Stay on top of your daily, weekly and monthly sales of each business unit with easy to read graphs and downloadable reports

  • Dive deep into history of each transaction - business unit's UPI ID, transaction ID, date, amount and payment status
  • Stay on top of your daily, weekly and monthly sales with easy to read graphs and downloadable custom reports
  • Track payment settlements in real-time
  • Define split percentage for share between branch / franchisee / department and headquarter and make payouts
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Simple Pricing, No Hidden Charges

Zero fee on all transactions

Basic - Zero Charges

  • Upto 10 unique UPI QR codes
  • Receive payment notifications via email
  • Standard T+1 day settlements


  • Zero cost upto 10 unique UPI QR codes
  • ₹100 per unique UPI QR code per month post 10 free QR codes
  • Receive payment notifications via both email and sms
  • 30 min settlements even bank working days available on request

*Billed 10th of each month. To deactivate VPA, use deactivation API or write to us at care@cashfree.com


Custom pricing designed for enterprises

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  • Dedicated account manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

A UPI QR Code, created using the UPI infrastructure developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), is a scannable quot;Quick Responsequot; (QR) code that securely holds a merchant's UPI details to ensure error-free payment receipt. Customers can simply scan this code with any UPI app to execute a payment. It efficiently supports both person-to-person and person-to-business transactions, offering a fast, convenient, and contactless method for payment collection.

Following are the steps to create a UPI QR Code for your business -

  • Sign up on Cashfree Payments.
  • Upload to activate your
  • Generate multiple UPI VPAs using the Dashboard or API. Once VPAs are created, generate multiple QR codes using APIs.
  • Download the UPI QR code from the Dashboard, print it, and use it to collect payments.

For more details on integration, refer to the documentation

A static QR codes are open QR codes that can accept any amount of payment, and are persistent, i.e., you can scan it again after some period of time and it will still enable you to make a payment. Customers need to enter the amount at the time of payment. Cashfree Payments UPI QR Codes are static printable QR codes.

In contrast, a dynamic QR codes has a fixed amount linked to it and is used at a transactional level. Customers can pay only the fixed amount assigned to the QR code. For each transaction, a unique dynamic QR code is generated with a pre-defined payment amount, time of expiry and a transaction ID.

For existing UPI AutoCollect merchants, no addional integration is required. You can start using UPI QR codes immediately via Cashfree's Merchant Dashboard.

Looking to start using UPI QR codes and digitise payments for your business? Create an account on Cashfree Payments

Businesses that have an offline presence with multiple branches or franchisees and collect payments in-store or in-person frequently use UPI QR codes. This helps them collect UPI payments from multiple locations with ease. Using Cashfree Payment's UPI QR codes will also help you track payments coming from different locations (specific branches or agents) and make it easier or you to have visibility over the payment sources.

Definitely, many business owners employ distinct UPI QR codes for different stores. With Cashfree Payments, you can generate multiple QR codes linked to various Virtual Payment Addresses (VPAs) all under a single merchant account.

Cashfree offers static printable QR codes of multiple banks. They enable businesses to generate multiple UPI VPAs using their Dashboard or API. Once the VPAs are created, businesses can generate a UPI QR code via API, download it from the Dashboard, print it, and use it to collect payments. Furthermore, merchants receive notifications regarding each incoming payment and subsequent settlement, ensuring complete transparency.

You can start using UPI QR codes to collect paymemts immediately after you are set up as a merchant on AutoCollect. To get access to Cashfree Merchant Dashboard, create an account

In UPI, the money is settled as per mutually agreed upon settlement terms. Default settlement cycle is ( T+2) days where (T) is the day of transaction. Many businesses with Cashfree opt for instant settlements to manage their working capital effectively.

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