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Cashfree Release Notes

We have been hard at work polishing our product, bringing in new features and squashing bugs so that you can provide your customers with a most seamless experience using Cashfree Products. We wanted to share with you as to what we were upto since the last time we met. Here's a sneak peek of all the amazing things delivered at your door step.

June, 2024
  • The Merchant Dashboard UI has been updated to add 'Checkout One' section
  • Added functionality to request for a higher rate limit from Merchant Dashboard>Developers>Rate Limit page
  • BUG
  • An issue where multiple currencies were not appearing in the dropdown whilst creating payment links through the dashboard has been identified and resolved. The currencies enabled now appear accurately in the dropdown during the payment link creation process.
  • Payment Gateway
  • Customers will now receive notifications when batch payment links are uploaded.
  • Integrated OTP feature in the payment form for enhanced security.
  • Introduced Checkout Canvas feature in Devstudio to let users try out Checkout Canvas without login.
  • Introduced pop-up checkout in Woocommerce.
  • Introduced Mixpanel analytics into Checkout One for enhanced tracking and data analysis capabilities.
  • Introduced support for AVS(Address Verification System) in international cards payments in Checkout One
  • BUG
  • The WooCommerce plugin is now compatible with PHP 8.2 version, resolving an issue that caused an error when clicking the 'Pay Now' button.
  • Improved the Android SDK's stability by effectively handling Null Pointer Exceptions (NPEs) during callback on main thread.
  • The native OTP flow functionality in iframe has been fixed and improved.
  • Fixed an issue where the meta pixel added in external analytics was not being reflected on the payment form. Merchants can now successfully see the added pixels on their payment forms.
  • Issue of merchants getting redirected to Cashfree page post-transaction when no return URL is passed in the request body has been fixed.
  • Enhancements have been made in the Android SDK to check for the availability of default apps.
  • Introduced an update to make payment fields optional based on the 'required' flag.
  • The update has been made to disable the 'visit bank's website' button on native OTP page for merchants following the 'one order one transaction' mode.
  • The UPI icon in the Android SDK has been updated.
  • The Android SDK now includes an enhanced security feature that disables screen recording during card payment processes.
  • The Challan interface has been updated with new layout and design enhancements.
  • Introduced a new feature to display request-id on the notification pop-up whenever an order payment fails.
  • The option to hide 'no cost EMI offers' from the payment link or form has been introduced.
  • WooCommerce plugin has been updated to include Cash On Delivery (COD) payment mode for Cashfree Payment Gateway.

  • May, 2024
  • Alert Configurator for Payment Gateway is now Live! Developers can now create alert rules directly from the merchant dashboard for API errors and usage. Whenever the rule is breached, an alert is sent. This feature can be found under Merchant Dashboard>Developers>API logs and Alerts.
  • Payment Gateway
  • Added Cash on Delivery (COD) as a new payment option at checkout.
  • Introduced functionality to display brand name instead of company name on the checkout page.
  • The checkout process now supports Facebook Pixel analytics, enhancing the tracking and understanding of customer behavior.
  • The GST Breakup feature has been added to the Upfront TDR Breakup on Checkout One.
  • Introduced a new Card UI component for element flow in React Native SDK.
  • Introduced Flexmoney cardless EMI option at checkout.
  • The Bank Transfer Payment method now displays the Transaction Expiry time, enhancing transactional awareness and management.
  • BUG
  • The issue causing the same card to appear twice when applying an offer has been fixed.
  • Merchant logo has been added on challans generated for enhanced customization and clarity.
  • Improved the visibility of the 'back' button in the checkout process.
  • The EMI process fee for cards is now visibly displayed on the frontend.
  • Cardless-EMI payment method on Cashfree Checkout now requires OTP verification of phone number
  • The new version v2.1.11 of React Native SDK is now available for use.

  • April, 2024
  • Merchants are now automatically notified via email regarding any changes in the status of their rate limit requests or whenever a new request is created.
  • An alert banner now appears in notification preferences whenever an email is added, indicating that a verification link has been sent to that email address.
  • BUG
  • Fixed an issue where 'Pay Securely' button was not getting enabled automatically after payment form completion.
  • Fixed an issue of incorrect settlement dates being displayed on summary cards.
  • Payment Gateway
  • Implemented Google Analytics on the new Checkout - 'CheckoutOne' by incorporating the GTM ID from configurations for efficient event tracking.
  • The checkout now displays the Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) for all payment methods, including EMI.
  • Enhancements have been made to display UPI incidents directly on the CheckoutOne page.
  • BUG
  • Fixed an issue causing crashes in the Android SDK related to UPI icons.
  • Enhancements made to improve error handling during Shopify signup when password requirements are not met.
  • Issue with payment redirection upon cancellation on Opencart version has been resolved in the latest release.
  • The bug in the cashfree_pg python SDK version 4.1.2 that resulted in the 'StrictBytes not defined' error has been successfully fixed in release 4.1.3.
  • The issue with the beneficiary name displaying incorrectly in the bank transfer payment method has been resolved. It will now correctly display the merchant name instead of 'Cashfree Payments'.
  • The Paytm logo in the payment-icons-library has been updated to a transparent version, eliminating the previous white background.
  • Domain whitelisting is now required to integate on WIX platform.

  • March, 2024
    Payment Gateway
  • Introduced 'Popup Checkout' integration eliminating the need for redirection and providing a smoother payment experience. This checkout variant is now available for experiencing on DevStudio.
  • Optimized UPI screen functionality by pre-fetching the VPA information.
  • The netbanking checkout option has been optimized to display the six most popular banks first, enhancing customer convenience and improving transaction flow.
  • The new checkout now supports searchable offers and the handling of hidden offers.
  • The integration guide for Custom Checkout using Card element has been added in DevStudio.
  • BUG
  • Fixed an issue where 'pay securely' button on the payment forms was unresponsive, despite correct account configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple merchants encountered authentication errors when using the 'Create Order' API in the sandbox environment.
  • Fixed an issue where Create Offer API was failing from documentation and backend SDK due to 'max_allowed' parameter being missing.

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