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Send money to any bank account, UPI ID, card or wallet. Pay vendors, do customer refunds, disburse loans, etc instantly 24x7, even on a bank holiday.

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10,000 transfers within mins
High success rate and uptime
Smart routing and queuing among multiple banks
Automatic rerouting of failed transfers

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Businesses are rethinking money transfer with Payouts

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Multiple payout methods, think beyond just bank transfers

Multiple payout methods, think beyond just bank transfers

  • Wallets - Paytm & Amazon Pay
  • Debit and credit card
  • Native wallets
Instant beneficiary addition

Instant beneficiary addition

Add up to 10,000 beneficiaries at a time using file upload or API and make

instant payouts.

Accurate payouts everytime

Accurate payouts everytime

Verify bank account/ UPI ID before sending money and ensure accurate payouts everytime.

Use Dashboard to add funds, initiate payouts, track transfer status in real time and do more.

  • Do single payout using Quick Transfer
  • Add beneficiaries and do up to 10,000 bulk payouts in a go with simple excel file upload
  • Track transfer status in real time and know exact reason for failure
  • Generate custom reports and gain insights - transfers, reversed transfers, statements and more
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For Enterprises

Highly reliable at scale

99.98% payouts success rate

Our direct integration with our partner banks ensures you get a great banking experience. Bank onboarding, negotiations, compliance, we have you covered.

  • Smart routing and queuing among multiple banks for guaranteed higher uptime and success rate.
  • Support for all bankside relationships - failed transfers, reversal, and reconciliation.
  • Automatic re-routing of failed transfers.
  • High volume transaction processing - 10,000 bulk payouts within minutes.
  • Immediate notifications on unscheduled bank downtimes.

Intelligent reconciliation

Achieve near 100% reconciliation within 24 hours. Transfers, failures, reversals and reconciliation - automate the manual reconciliation process across multiple transfer modes, destination banks and reporting formats.

Total balance₹28,90,700Auto Collect SettlementsAutomated ReversalsPayment Gateway Settlements


Daily Transaction limit

Risk mitigation

Mitigate risk due to manual errors or malicious actions. Ensure complete control over your funds.

  • Daily transaction limits
  • Dashboard level checks
  • API level security features
  • Fraud detection

Use multiple payment instruments to do money transfers

Add and manage multiple payout instruments including different bank accounts, Cashfree wallet [Virtual Account] or Paytm Wallet through a single account.

  • Define the load of transactions between the different accounts or wallets.
  • Control the Transaction Per Seconds (TPS) and route the transactions efficiently.
  • Avoid any unforeseen exigencies of bank downtimes and reduce dependency on a single bank as a payout source.

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