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Online Marketplaces
Supply Chain Financing
Merger & Acquisition
Vendor Payment Platforms
Brand/Campaign Payments
Credit Card Bill Payments
E-commerce/ D2C
Invoice Discounting
P2P Lending
Fractional Investments
Expense Management
Startup Investments & NCD
Subscription Payments
Alternative Investments
Payroll Platforms
VC & Angel Investment
Revenue Based Financing
Save Now Pay Later [SNPL]
Security Deposit
Milestone-based Payments
Crowd Sourcing
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Not just any other

Escrow Management Platform

Efficient Fund Management

Efficient Fund Management

Open multiple escrows, define routing weightage & automate fund splitting & transfers

Quick Turnaround Time

Quick Turnaround Time

Speed up your launch with our digital escrows, ensuring swift, timely transactions

Powerful Risk Engine

Powerful Risk Engine

Multi-level approval workflow guarantees bulletproof security with every step rigorously validated

SEBI Approved Trustee

SEBI Approved Trustee

Secure transactions with our SEBI-backed trustee service, protecting all involved parties

Automated Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation

Achieve near 100% effortless automated reconciliation in under 5 minutes

Industry’s-best TAT & Success Rate

Industry’s-best TAT & Success Rate

Achieve 99.95% payout success rate with our multi-bank routing

Robust APIs

Robust APIs

Ensure seamless integration, supporting 20M daily API requests with 99.99% uptime.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

Manage pay-ins and payouts, control multiple accounts with a unified, advanced dashboard

2,00,000 Cr

Payouts processed every year

> 50%

Market share in bulk disbursals in India


Payouts processed every second


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Frequently Asked Questions

An escrow is an agreement between two or more parties over a financial transaction, where money is parked until the mentioned conditions in the agreement are met. A neutral third party called a Trustee [an escrow agent] makes sure conditions are met and disburses the money to the primary parties as per the agreement. This helps in ensuring trust and transparency between the parties.

  • The escrow parties enter into a contractual agreement on the transaction and consent process. This will also be signed by the Trustee as a neutral party
  • The Remitter/Buyer Deposits money in Escrow Account
  • When Remitter/Buyer feels the terms in the agreement have been met, he gives consent to the Trustee to make disbursal to the Seller/Beneficiary
  • If the conditions haven’t been met, the Remitter/Buyer can seek a refund of their money

Escrow protects the trust between both transacting parties. None of the parties has to worry about the money being misused as it is safely stored in a bank account until the termination of the Escrow Agreement.

To open an Escrow account, you need the following documents after your use case is validated:

  • Escrow agreement
  • PAN & Bank account - KYC verification
  • Company details

As of now, there is no limit on the amount

Yes. Your funds are protected by the Trustee, a neutral third party as per the conditions of the agreement.

If one party doesn’t fulfil their part of the agreement, the other party can request to get their money back, based on the agreement conditions and timelines.

Yes. You can cancel a transaction anytime before the expiry of the escrow agreement.

One Escrow by Cashfree Payments is a plug-and-play escrow platform, supporting all your business use cases including and not limited to payouts, co-lending, supply chain financing, marketplaces/D2C/e-commerce, HRMS/Payroll platforms for salary payouts and many more. Get in touch with our escrow expert to validate your use case now!

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