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Payout links

to send money without collecting recipient's bank account details. Delight your users by paying them faster.
  • Instant Payouts

  • Multiple payout modes supported
  • Highly secure


Payouts without the hassle of collecting bank accounts details
Do instant payouts to any bank account/UPI ID/Paytm or AmazonPay wallet instantly even on a bank holiday.
Make upto 10,000 transfers in a single API call or via simple excel file upload.
Ensure secure and reliable payouts every time with in-built features:
  • Auto-retry of transfers to ensure higher success rate

  • Receiver name verification prior to transfer

  • Maker - checker flow for prior to transfer approvals

Customize your Cashgram links with your company logo and colour to reflect your brand.
ENGINEERED FOR YOUQuick and easy integrations
  • Go live in minutes with easy to integrate REST APIs

  • Use sample integration kits to try out integrations using Test API credentials before going live. API libraries available in multiple languages

  • With webhooks get notified on transfer status - success, pending etc in real-time

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cURLJavaPythonPHPNode JS
"curl -X POST / 
-H 'Accept: */*' 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {{token}}' 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-d '{
"cashgramId": "cf6",
"amount": "1.00",
"name": "john",
"email": "john@cashfree.com",
"phone": "9000000001",
"linkExpiry": "2019/11/9",
"remarks": "sample cashgram",
"notifyCustomer": 1

No code solutions

  • Generate a single Cashgram payout link or do bulk payouts easily from the dashboard.

  • Just enter the receiver's mobile number/email address to send Cashgram links, notify receiver over SMS, email or WhatsApp and complete payouts within minutes.


Integration with WhatsApp for best customer experience

For enterprises

Secure and highly reliable at scale

Beneficiary name verification

Cashfree Payments does a penny transfer to the bank account and verifies that the bank account is valid and matches the receiver's name with the account holder’ name in bank records - ensuring the amount goes only to the intended beneficiary.

Maker - Checker flow

Assign different roles to team members. Define Maker and Checker flows and minimize the chances of mistakes due to human errors, malpractices, etc.

One solution, fits many business use casesAn easy-to-share

payout link

used by businesses to send money to their customers, vendors, or partners when only their email address/phone number is known.

Retail and E-commerce

Refund cash-on-delivery orders instantly, process cashbacks and more

Online Gaming

Distribute prize money to players

Rental Business

Refund security deposit for any kind of rental business - car, furniture, or appliances

NGOs & Political Organisations

Reimburse field agents and volunteers


Pay marketing affiliates and disburse reimbursements to employees


Settle insurance claims and pay DSA incentives


Pay field agents, handle reimbursements, send refunds

Travel and Hospitality

Pay commissions to vendors, handle reimbursements and do refunds

Use cases for various industries

Cashgram for

instant payouts

Make sending out money to beneficiaries, simple and easy. Improve customer/vendor/ partner experience by making instant payouts in their preferred mode of transaction.


Furlenco the furniture e-renting platform is delighting customers with instant refund of security deposits at the end of every subscription with Cashgram.

Use case in focus:

Instant security deposit refund

Hummel India, a Danish sports brand that makes stylish and functional sports apparel and footwear, secured a 20% Increase in COD Repeat Customers using Cashgram.

Use case in focus:

Instant refund for COD orders

Apollo tyres automated the entire process of sending incentive payments to agents and influencers with Cashgram, reducing the company's effort to minimal.

Use case in focus:

Instant disbursal of incentives


Simple Pricing, No Hidden Charges
₹ 2.50
Cashgram Charges
+Transfer Charges  
₹ 2.00
Cashgram Charges
+₹ 2.5
Bank account
verification charges
+Transfer Charges
Create Account
₹ 2.50
₹ 5.00
₹ 10.00
₹ 1.75
₹ 1.75
₹ 1.75
₹ 3.00
₹ 6.00
₹ 10.00
up to ₹1,000
₹1,001 to ₹10,000
Above ₹10,000
Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay
As applicable on your Paytm business account

Custom pricing designed for enterprises

  • Early access to new features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Discounted pricing
  • Support over WhatsApp in addition to other channels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cashgram is an instant payout link used by businesses to send money to their customers, vendors, or partners when only their email address or phone number is known.

Cashgram is a payout link with many additional features. You can customize your Cashgram links with your company logo and color to reflect your brand. You can also set up a link expiry time and verify the beneficiary's name before sending out the money.

Payout links make sending out money simple and easy. It takes away all the operational overhead associated with bank transfers or payouts. You can simply create a payout link with a few clicks. We will notify the user and they can redeem the money any time at their convenience.

To start using Cashgram you will need to sign-up on Cashfree. If you already have a Payouts account click on the "Cashgram" tab in the Payouts dashboard or use our API.

Yes, with Cashgram's batch upload feature, you can create and send bulk instant payout links to a large number of beneficiaries. All you need to do is click on 'download sample file’, add all the required details in the sample downloaded, save the file, and click on upload file.

Yes, the recipient will be able to view their Cashgram Payout link at any time. Redemption, however, can only be done within the expiry time set by the merchant while sending the link.

If you have UPI enabled in your Payout account your customers will be able to redeem a Cashgram to their UPI account.

Please get in touch with our sales team to get a custom pricing as per your needs.

Cashgram is a secure way to transfer money to your customers. Once you create a Cashgram link for a beneficiary only that beneficiary with the provided phone number/email address can use that link to redeem the amount. Also, it is active only for a limited period of time, and as a merchant you can control the expiry time of each link generated. Additionally, Merchants can also enable ’Beneficiary name verification’ feature to prevent incorrect transfers and ensure the money goes to the intended beneficiary account only.

We authenticate users using OTP so that only authorized users can view/redeem a Cashgram link. Without a valid OTP nobody can view/redeem that particular link.

Once the customer redeems a Cashgram link its status changes from ACTIVE to REDEEMED instantly. You will be able to view this on the dashboard. You will also be notified over email once a Cashgram has been successfully redeemed.

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