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Apollo Tyres Simplify Their Incentive Payouts With Cashgram APIs By Cashfree Payments

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About Apollo Tyres

Established in 1972, Apollo Tyres, since its inception are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobile tyres. They have manufacturing plants across Asia and Europe and export to over 100 countries. Its product portfolio is spread across two-wheelers, passenger cars, truck-bus light trucks, off-highway tyres, etc.

Feature in focus:

Instant disbursal of incentives


Incentive-based payroll disbursal can be complex

Apollo Tyres has a wide network of agents, and influencers to sell and promote their products. 

Incentive-based payroll disbursals can become really complex and time-consuming for the organization. It is crucial for the company that the employees, agents and influencers are paid on time without any delays. Apollo Tyres believed that a smooth, dependable, and error-free disbursal process has a direct impact on employee morale which further ensures the company’s growth.



No more long, tedious incentive disbursements

Apollo Tyres partnered with Cashfree Payments to eliminate the long, tedious disbursal process. 

Cashgram by Cashfree payments automates the entire process of sending incentive payments to employees, agents and influencers reducing the company’s effort to minimal. The link is generated in the system and shared with the agents, who then enter their preferred account details or UPI ID. Apollo Tyres then validate the details of the agents before the transfer ensuring that the money is sent to the intended beneficiary only with Bank Account Verification APIs by Cashfree Payments.  On receiving the details, Cashfree Payments does a penny transfer and validates the name and account details. If the name matches accurately, the amount is disbursed and gets credited to the agent account immediately.


Why Cashgram? 

Cashgram by Cashfree Payments is a payout link, that helps businesses send money to their beneficiaries when their bank account details are not known. It gives businesses a way to simplify their payments and easily send money to their recipients when they have only their email address/phone number. Businesses can also customize their Cashgram links to reflect their brand and provide their recipients with an enhanced experience!



Companies like PUMA, Tata Cliq, Nykaa, Furlenco, Lenskart, etc are using Cashgram to simplify their transactions and instantly send money to customers, vendors, or partners. 

Cashgram flow

You can also get creative and solve your business payout challenges with our powerful Cashgram APIs.

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