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Fund sources

Choose where you pay from

disbursing from any fund source

, easily plugged into Cashfree Payouts.

What is a Fund Source?

A fund source is an account from which you can initiate payouts to your beneficiaries.

Through a single account, you can add and

manage multiple Fund Sources

including multiple current accounts, Paytm walletcorporate credit card [Mastercard and Visa], escrow account, or Cashfree wallet [Virtual Account]. Specify your choice of fund source before making payouts!

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Payouts with Fund Sources

As a tech-first PSP, our aim is to ship fast and perfect faster. Here's how Cashfree

Payouts' Fund Sources

stack up against industry peers.
CapabilityThe Payouts Fund Sources WayOthers
Dedicated Wallet - Virtual Account
Direct payout from bank accountsLimited
Ability to connect bank accounts via dashboardimg
Payout from Paytm WalletLimited
Ability to connect paytm wallet as a fund source via dashboardLimited
Payout from corporate credit cardimg
Ability to connect corporate credit card as a fund source via dashboardimg
Managing payout load between fund sources


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Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses using traditional corporate banking portals login to different banking portals for different payment needs. Cashfree Payments’s connected Payout APIs help businesses process all types of transactions using a single account like refund processing, vendor payouts etc.

Integrate only once with Cashfree Payments to get connected to all our banks – Yes, ICICI, Kotak, IndusInd, Axis & RBL!

Payouts Direct allows you to make instant and automated payments directly from your bank account. Cashfree’s Payouts Direct integrates directly with your bank account, eliminating the need to maintain funds in the Recharge account. The balance in your account is available to make the payments.

A fund source is any wallet/bank account or card from which you can initiate payouts to your beneficiaries. Cashfree Payments Payouts account now supports adding multiple fund sources, i.e., your bank accounts, corporate credit cards [Coming soon], Paytm wallet in addition to Cashfree Payments’ virtual account, to help you make payouts directly to your beneficiary accounts. This feature will allow you to add and manage multiple fund sources with just a few clicks from the dashboard.

To use Cashfree Wallet for disbursals, you must first add Cashfree Payments as a beneficiary in your registered bank account. You can add funds to Cashfree Wallet from your registered bank account only. You have the flexibility to add funds to any of the bank accounts displayed in the Recharge Account section.

ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak are currently available to make payouts directly from your current account. Axis & RBL - coming soon. Write to care@cashfree.com if you want to make payments directly from other bank accounts.

By default, when you sign up for Payouts, Cashfree Payments creates a Wallet which is a virtual account, to help you initiate instant payouts.

To know the available balance in your Cashfree Wallet, go to Payouts Dashboard > Fund Sources > select Cashfree Wallet.

Transfers made using IMPS are instant, and the balance is immediately available in your Payouts Account. NEFT and RTGS are processed between 8 AM and 6:45 PM on all NEFT working days (Monday to Saturday, except 2nd and 4th Saturday). RTGS is not available for amounts less than ₹2 lakhs.

To use Cashfree Wallet for disbursals, you must first add Cashfree Payments as a beneficiary in your registered bank account. You can add funds to Cashfree Wallet from your registered bank account only. You have the flexibility to add funds to any of the bank accounts including ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak. Axis & RBL - coming soon.

No. You can make Paytm wallet transfers to beneficiaries who only have a Paytm wallet.

  • Beneficiary should have completed the KYC validation for the Paytm payout to go through, or it fails.
  • The maximum limit is up to ₹1 Lakh if the customer has completed the KYC registration.
  • You only need the beneficiary phone number for making the payouts.

Payouts can be processed 24*7 even on bank holidays with all leading banks. For the rest, the transfer will get settled on the next working day. Here's a list of all payment modes that are supported by Payouts.

No. Multiple transactions can be routed to different Fund Sources. One transaction cannot be routed through multiple Fund Sources.

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