Cashfree Checkout - iOS

Accept Payments Online by using Cashfree hosted Payment page - CheckoutOne
This integration uses Create Order Backend API and iOS SDK to open CheckoutOne

1. Setup

  • Config
  • Select the environment and fill the API Keys (App ID and Secret Key) to get started. Read Docs

    Click here to try with sample App ID and Secret Key

    2. Initialize SDK

  • Client Side
  • Initialize Cashfree iOS SDK as below. Read Docs

    To know more Click Here

    3. Create Order

  • Server Side
  • To process any payment on Cashfree PG, the merchant needs to create an order in the cashfree system.
    Use Payment Session ID from the generated response to render the checkout page. Read Docs

    Invalid Phone Number
    Order Options
    Response of the API will appear here.
    Set environment, your app id and your secret key

    4. Load Checkout

  • Client Side
  • Enter the Payment Session ID & Order ID below to open the checkout page. Read Docs
    Refer to the docs for UPI Intent Integration in iOS Devices.


    Click below to open the checkout page in current tab

    5. Get Payments for an Order

  • Server Side
  • Once payment is attempted, SDK will trigger callback to verifyPayment function.
    Use the below API to fetch status of all transactions for an order, analyse the API Response and show the final payment status to your customer. Read Docs

    Response of the API will appear here.
    Set environment, your app id and your secret key
    Payment States
    Paid Transaction
    Late Authorization
    User Dropped
    Transaction Failure
    Payment Status will appear here once the API is triggered


    NOTE : Notify Url must be checked while Creating order (Step 3) to experience webhooks.
    Want to explore more on webhooks ? Visit the official Cashfree documentation using the following link. Read Docs 🤓
    Click the button below to experience webhooks 😎

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