Important Update | Paytm Policy change. Steps to continue Paytm Payouts via Cashfree.


This document is for Cashfree Payouts and Cashgram merchants who use Paytm as a payment mode.

As per new policies adopted by Paytm, Payouts and Cashgram merchants will require to have a Paytm business account to do payments to Paytm wallets. Here is how you can set up your Paytm business account and continue doing payments to Paytm wallets via Cashfree. 

  1. Create a Paytm business account (if you already do not have one), enter your business details, and upload the scanned copies of documents based on your business type.

  2. Once your Paytm account has been created, you will get User Acceptance Testing (UAT) credentials that can be used to do test transactions in a staging environment before going live.

  3. You can share the UAT credentials with Cashfree at along with your merchant id. Cashfree will do test transactions on your behalf and reply to your email with the test transactions’ details.

  4. Share the test transactions’ details with Paytm. Paytm will generate production credentials for your account. 

  5. Share the production credentials with Cashfree. On receiving the production credentials, Cashfree will enable Payouts/Cashgram payments to Paytm wallets for your account.


Maintaining funds in your Paytm wallet 

Your Cashfree Dashboard will show the available Paytm wallet balance separately. In order to add funds to your Paytm wallet, you will have to log in to your Paytm business account and recharge your wallet. Once recharged, you can come back to your Cashfree dashboard and carry out transactions.



As applicable on your Paytm business account. No additional charges.


Alternative to maintaining a Paytm business account

If you would prefer to not maintain a Paytm business account you can:

  • Use alternative payment modes such as bank transfer, card, UPI or AmazonPay 

  • If you are a Payouts user and do not have recipients’ payment details, you can use Cashgram payout links to transfer money to your users without having to collect their payment details. Know more about Cashgram here. Cashgram is activated by default for Payout users.


Here is a quick video to show how Cashgram works.


If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or you can write to us at Thank you for using Cashfree. 

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