How does Payouts by Cashfree Payments work?


Step 1: Link banks to Account
Sign up on Cashfree Payments and initiate Payouts Account activation through the merchant dashboard. Once activated link your bank account(s) with your Payouts Account. Click here to know more about linking your bank account with Payouts.

Step 2: Add beneficiary
Add beneficiary to your Payout account(s) using our Dashboard or APIs. Cashfree Payments allows you to instantly validate the account details. Know more about beneficiary addition here

Step 3: Start paying out
Start paying out to your beneficiaries. Cashfree Payments supports multiple payment modes - IMPS, NEFT, UPI VPA, and digital wallets(Amazon Pay & Paytm). Know more about making a payout to your beneficiaries here.

Step 4: Get notified and automate reconciliation
Get event notifications on email or via web-hooks. You can also use your merchant dashboard to view detailed reports.


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