How is Payouts different from using banks for bulk payouts?


Bulk payouts via bank accounts happen by manually adding every beneficiary before transferring or by uploading a spreadsheet on the banking portal. Cashfree Payments automates bulk payouts fully via APIs and offers a much simpler alternative.

Unlike banks, where a single error in a payout file can block all the bulk payouts, using Cashfree Payments, even if there are invalid records in a file, valid transfers go through. Reconciliation for failed and invalid transfers is automated so you always know which transfer failed out of hundreds of payouts, and why. At Cashfree Payments, new beneficiary addition and activation is instant.

Cashfree Payments also allows you to send money to any Paytm Wallet, Amazon Pay Wallet, UPI ID or native wallets in addition to bank accounts, even on holidays. Lastly, all of this can be automated and built into your product or internal systems using our powerful Payouts APIs

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