Can I accept international payments using Cashfree Payment Gateway?


Yes, with Cashfree Payment Gateway you can accept international payments using a wide range of options:

  • Multi-currency payments: We support 30+ international currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, AED, CAD. You can give customers the option to see the payment amount during checkout in their preferred currency. You can refer to the list of supported currencies here. 
  • PayPal: Got a PayPal account? You can integrate your existing PayPal business account with Cashfree or create a new PayPal account and add PayPal to your checkout. Integration of Paypal into your Cashfree Payment Gateway is FREE. If you decide to enable PayPal on your Cashfree checkout page, you will be bearing only PayPal standard pricing, Cashfree does not charge any additional fees.
  • International cards: We support all major international cards including VISA, Master card, Diners Club, Amex and more. 

Please note: The international payment modes are available for all businesses subject to availability of appropriate documents and approval from the banking partners.

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