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Ritu Kumar Expands Global Reach By Offering A Frictionless, Global Checkout Experience

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Magento Integration PayPal Integration


The association with Cashfree Payments comes at an opportune moment when e-commerce is witnessing a tremendous boom. Cashfree Payments will enable us to cater to our international consumers much more easily on the website while setting the tone for our expansion into servicing online shoppers from other markets. We’re certain that Cashfree Payments will prove to be an integral partner in our growth.

amrish kumar

Mr. Amrish Kumar

Managing Director of Ritu Kumar


Overseas expansion and need for international payment options

Over the years Ritu Kumar has lured customers from across the globe with its intrinsic craftsmanship and exquisite practical clothing style for contemporary consumers.

The brand with its website hosted on Magento, integrated with multiple payment gateways to collect online payments from customers in and outside of India. In absence of a single payment gateway service provider that could help Ritu Kumar accept international payments from different geographies, the brand integrated with multiple payment gateways.

Isolated payment networks often lead to complicated payment collection and inefficiencies due to decentralization.

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Plug and play Magento plugin for payment collection by Cashfree Payments

Single payment gateway for domestic and international payments across all geographies

To offer its customers (including overseas customers) a hassle-free shopping experience and streamline the payment backend process, Ritu Kumar joined hands with Cashfree Payments in 2020.

Ritu Kumar used the Magento Payment Gateway plugin built by Cashfree Payments and integrated it with its website (web and mobile app). With no coding effort, Ritu Kumar could integrate the Payment Gateway and offer international payment methods including PayPal, and international cards with a single integration.

After integrating with Cashfree Payments, Ritu Kumar could show its products in over 22 currencies to save customers from the hassle of currency conversion at the time of checkout and accept payments via the widest range of international payment modes.

PayPal integration

Ritu Kumar also linked its existing PayPal business account with Cashfree Payments to provide PayPal Express Checkout button feature for a faster checkout experience. This eliminated the need for the consumers to log in to their PayPal account, minimizing the number of redirections and providing a more seamless transaction experience while centralizing all payments for Ritu Kumar.

By linking PayPal with Cashfree Payments, Ritu Kumar also benefited from PayPal features like transaction monitoring, fraud protection, and Seller Protection tools along with Cashfree Payments features like faster settlements, refund management, reporting among others.

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Reduced cart abandonment, and centralized order and payment collection management

Since the payment gateway implementation, Ritu Kumar has seen a rise in business revenue. With Magento integration, Cashfree Payments enables the brand to track the customers who have abandoned their cart and not made it to the payment page by creating order IDs as soon as the customer reaches the checkout page. This helped them to customize the experience for these customers specifically, and close more deals with centralized order and payment collection management.

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Businesses like Ritu Kumar are using Payment Gateway to provide a seamless checkout experience for their Indian and International customers.