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Embedded Payments for Platforms

, ERPs and SaaS businesses
Use our robust

payment APIs

and start offering an end-to-end payment experience to your businesses while staying fully compliant.
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Enhance your Merchants' Experience with Native Payments

Effortless Business Onboarding
Streamline business onboarding on your platform with our

onboarding APIs

and we'll manage everything from information collection, verification and to accounts approval. Use preconfigured UI or create customised onboarding flows with Cashfree

Embedded Payments

Native Payments Flow
Provide your users with a native payment experience, with no redirection using Cashfree's

payment stack

Offer 180+ ways to accept online payments including cards, UPI, net banking, bank transfers, BNPL, and digital wallets through our

payment APIs

Compliance at the Core
Our all-encompassing compliance and security system for Embedded Payments has strong onboarding checks, PCI DSS compliance, secure card data storage, and adherence to master KYC policy, covering payment regulations and security through fraud checks, dispute resolution, AML screening, and more.
Controls for Platforms
Use Cashfree's advanced controls for merchant account and payment operations. Manage KYC processes, pricing adjustments, branding, and more. Additionally, also manage post-payment tasks such as refunds, disputes, chargebacks, and real-time settlement status.

Why Embedded Payments?

User Delight

Provide a native experience to your end users without any disruptions and drop-offs due to external payment redirections.

Launch Faster

Achieve quicker market entry without the traditional time-consuming development associated with payment facilitation.


Get built in compliance and fraud prevention into the platform's onboarding and payment workflows right from the outset.

New revenue streams

Turn payments into a source of sustainable revenue with our innovative monetisation options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Embedded Payments by Cashfree is an end-to-end payments product for a third-party platform or application to facilitate direct payments between its businesses and their end users. With Embedded Payments, platforms can offer payments as part of their business offering.

Embedded Payments involves seamlessly integrating financial transactions within digital platforms or applications. End users can initiate payments and the funds are transferred to the business's designated account - all within the platform's environment, enhancing user experience by eliminating redirections.

Cashfree Embedded Payments cater to a diverse range of business models like ERPs, SaaS providers, and Platforms that provide core payment offerings to enable transactions between businesses and their end customers. By using Cashfree Embedded Payments they can provide a native and fully compliant payment experience Know more here.

To onboard businesses with Embedded Payments, start by creating new merchant accounts using the  Merchant Onboarding APIsdirectly within your platform. Next, embed the Onboarding Linkwithin your platform to let merchants complete their KYC without navigating away from your interface. 

Integrate our Embedded Payment Gatewayto seamlessly facilitate payments collection for your businesses from end users. You can use our pre-built checkout or build your own checkout experience. Manage payments, refunds, settlements and other workflows using our payment APIs and Webhook.

You can drive revenue growth on your platform by making payments a core part of your offering. Through embedded payments, you can determine and mark up the pricing to earn on every transaction and add a new revenue stream.

Start by signing up for an Embedded Payments Partner account with Cashfree. Provide your business information, create a password, and then activate your account by submitting the required KYC documents. Once activated, you can access your Embedded Payments Dashboard using your login credentials. Within the dashboard, you can manage merchants, integrate the Payment Gateway solution, track commissions, and gain insights into your business performance. Know more about the process.

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