How to integrate PayPal with Cashfree?


Cashfree has integrated with PayPal to offer Cashfree Payment Gateway merchants quick and reliable mode to accept international payments. 

To show PayPal as a payment option on your checkout page, you need to have an active PayPal business account. You can integrate your existing PayPal Merchant account or If you do not have an account, create the account here


Step 1: Log in to Cashfree Merchant Account. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard.

Step 2: From the left menu, select Paypal. Now click on <Log in with PayPal>



Step 3: Enter your PayPal Business Account username and password.



Step 4: Read the message carefully and click on <Agree>.



Step 5: You will get a success message. Click on <Close>  



Step 6: You will be directed to Cashfree PayPal Account screen. Here you will see that your PayPal account has been linked with Cashfree. On the right side, you can set the currency settings ( Default and Active currency).



That’s it. PayPal Integration on Cashfree happens instantly and you can start accepting payments in no time.

If you face any issues related to PayPal integration you can contact your Cashfree Account Manager.


How much do I pay for accepting payments via PayPal?

Integration of Paypal into your Cashfree Payment Gateway is FREE. If you decide to enable PayPal on your Cashfree checkout page, you will be bearing only PayPal standard pricing, Cashfree does not charge any additional fees.

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