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Hassle-free and

paperless outward remittance

Cashfree Payments enables seamless

flow of money across borders

 in accordance with RBI guidelines.
  • Completely digital
  • 24x7 payment collections
  • Control source of fund
  • Extremely convenient - pay via your existing bank account
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Outward Remittance by Cashfree Payments
Expand your business in India and

collect payments in INR

via popular Indian payment modes. Collect remitter KYC documents and other details. Integrate Cashfree API with your website or use no-code solution to plug and start collecting payments in no time.

LRS-compliant payment solution

for seamless international payments

Benefits of using

Outward Remittance solution

over the traditional LRS flow

CapabilityCashfree PaymentsTraditional LRS
Modes of paymentsNet-banking via 38+ banks &
UPI Payments (Industry-first)
Wire Transfer
RemittancesIndividual and consolidated
Only individual remittance
Remit from your own bank accountimg

User is required to have a current account from the remitter’s bank

Completely paperlessimg
Same day remittance*img
Native integration for your website or appimg
TCS calculationReal-time calculation before
Manual calculation to be done before remittance
FX-rate calculationSmart FX-rate calculation
to fulfil complete payment after
currency conversion
Manual calculation of FX rates
Real-time status of

*All payments made before 1PM IST will be settled to the beneficiary account on the same day

Businesses that can benefit from our

Outward Remittance solution

  • Brokerage firms facilitating international equity investments

  • International stock brokers and agencies

  • Education consultants based in India for study abroad programmes

  • Foreign universities/ Authorized collection agents

  • Remittance service for individuals for travel, study and family payments

  • International Online Travel Agencies

  • International Hotels and Destination management companies

  • International Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Outward remittance is the process of money transfer from India to any foreign country for purchasing goods, services, or for the purpose of studying, traveling, or investing abroad.

According to RBI’s Liberalised Remittance Scheme, all Indian individuals are allowed to freely remit up to USD 2,50,000 per financial year to any current or capital account transaction, towards study abroad, family maintenance, business/leisure travel or foreign investments.

With single API integration, Cashfree Payments support both LRS Capital and LRS current remittances, including investment, education, travel, family maintenance, etc. We also offer no-code solution for SMEs to plug and start immediately.

With Cashfree solution, Investors can use their existing bank account to invest in foreign stocks, payment can be done through 38+ banks via Net Banking and UPI; traditional ways restrict investors to invest foreign stocks through AD banks they are holding accounts with, or require investors to open new bank accounts.

Cashfree solution digitized the LRS compliance requirements, including A2 form, TCS collection, LRS limit checks; investors may need to sign on physical copy of A2 form and wait for AD banks to confirm TCS amount.

Cashfree solution can complete the remittance in 24 hours.

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