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Banking as a service

for neo-banks and fintechs

Cashfrees Accounts API lets you quickly integrate banking services from leading banks into your product. Enable your users to open accounts, link accounts, accept deposits, make payouts, check balance and earn interest.

Supported account types

  • Livedot Current Accounts
  • tick Savings Accounts
  • tick Virtual Accounts
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Connect to leading banks effortlessly
Cashfree Accounts is built for neo banks, fintechs, and platforms looking to offer financial services. Offer your users banking like never before.
Benefits for account issuing platforms and fintechs
  • Create bank accounts for your users in minutes

  • 100% paperless online KYC. No user site visits required. *

  • Offer the most modern banking experience within your product. Give your customers the ease of operating and managing a fully digital bank account.,

  • Set rules for funds transfer, withdrawals, block funds etc. It's easy to stop, pause or modify these rules too!

  • Earn revenuefrom deposits generated.

*In case of current account opening, banks may perform physical verification

Here is how it works
  • Integrate Cashfree Accounts into your product using our APIs

  • Cashfree partner banks will show up on your app

  • Your user can select the preferred bank, enter name and upload identification documents

  • Cashfree authenticates KYC details at the backend by calling banks API

  • On successful verification, an account is created for your user within 30 seconds

  • Users can use their accounts through your product to accept deposits, make payouts, check balance and earn interest


Supercharge banking experience with connected banking

We have partnered with the best to offer the best connected banking experience to your users.

Let your users add their existing bank accounts to your product and do instant payouts without visiting the bank portal.

Benefits for users

  • Open bank account. No bank visits required. **

  • Link multiple existing bank accounts and access accounts from a single platform

  • Check balance of all connected bank accounts

  • Add money and earn interest

  • Make instant money transfers

** In case of current account opening, banks may perform physical verification.

Why Cashfree Accounts?

We have done complex integrations with leading banks so that you don't have to invest in bank integration, compliances and other operational processes. When you use the Accounts API, Cashfree interacts with our partner banks servers and create a new account within minutes

Our developer friendly REST APIs are easy to integrate and offer the utmost security. The APIs are built to help you scale and support upto 2000 account creation requests per second. The APIs also offer flexibility in building other solutions over the stack we have provided.

Get notified in real-time on all the activities related to accounts creation, money transfer and other day-to-day operations.

Cashfree partners with the best to secure your and your user's money. Our partner banks host your user bank accounts and follow all security standards, as per RBI regulations. Further user money is insured upto ₹5 lakh as per the RBI's insurance deposit scheme with our partner banks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cashfree is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services will be provided by our banking partners - ICICI Bank and Yes Bank. Your and your users bank account and all transactions on the bank account will be managed by our partner banks.

Cashfree is a financial technology company that enables tech platforms including neo banks, to embed the functionality of instant bank account creation into their product by integrating with Cashfree Accounts APIs.

Traditionally, neo-banks don't have a bank license of their own but count on bank partners to provide bank licensed services including bank account opening.

We enable neo banking companies to open accounts for their users across various banks without having to do any direct integration with banks.

In a nutshell, Cashfree helps neo banks with the building blocks to build and offer digital and mobile-first financial solutions like money transfers, payments, expense management, money lending, and more.

Yes, the accounts opened using Cashfree are opened with our partner banks which are covered under insurance by deposit insurance and credit guarantee corporation (DICGC). Each depositor in a bank is insured upto a maximum of ₹ 5,00,000 for both principal and interest amount held by him.

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