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For Businesses and platforms

Use Cases


Payroll & Incentive Cards

Disburse salary & incentives to employees, gig workers, & freelancers


Campus Cards

Issue campus cards

to students for seamless on-campus and online payments

Expense Cards

Issue expense cards

for zero-paper expense management and better control

Loyalty & Refund Wallets Cards

Launch a loyalty program through our closed loop wallets and cards

Advanced analytics

Forex & Transit Cards

(coming soon)

Launch single and multi-currency co-branded forex cards

Advanced analytics

Corporate Credit Cards

(coming soon)

Create co-branded credit card programs for your employees, customers and partners


For platforms

Why should you have your own card program?Issuance gives you the flexibility, control & customization to launch your own card program for your customers, employees or partners with our multiple PPI partners in a matter of weeks
  • Personalised to your brand

    With co-branded cards, give a customised experience to your users

  • Visibility and control

    Control card usage and assign limits

  • DIY

    Choose your card design, customise your program, add your logo,and make it truly your own without the need to get a PPI licence

  • Customised instruments

    Choose from custom physical & virtual cards, wallets or enable the program on a wearable!

Why Cashfree Payments card stack?
  • Easy to integrate. Go-live in 3 weeks
  • Low code APIs & dashboard access for easy creation of programs
  • Dedicated integration & customer support
  • Bundled re-payment and collection flows
  • Sub-wallets for easier customisation
  • Enable the program on a wearable

Get an edge

Cashfree Payments vs other

card issuance platforms

Cashfree Payments

Set up fees


Turn around time

3 Weeks

Ease of service

Dedicated Account Manager

Product Suite

Full stack card issuance stack along with other payment solutions like Payment Gateway, Payouts, Bank Account Verification among others.

Other Card Issuance Platforms

Set up fees

Very High

Turn around time

>3 months

Ease of service

Multiple points of contact

Low code & no code

No support for other payment related solutions like Payment Gateway, Payouts etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Cashfree Payments has integrated with bank and non-bank PPI partners for the card issuance stack.

Cashfree has vendor partners who can provide the printing and delivery of the cards at nominal charges.

You can opt to get dashboard access to issue cards and manage cards. In addition to the dashboard you can use Cashfree Payments Card Issuance API suite and integrate the Card Management System in your own application/system.

The KYC process varies depending on the PPI license on which the card is issued. KYC can be an Aadhar based KYC, a biometric based KYC or cKYC, depending on the card program that is created. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more details.

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