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Collect recurring payments easily through eNACH
Streamline recurring payments and subscriptions by providing fast and smooth

mandate creation

for your customers or borrowers via eNACH.
Various businesses benefit from 


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NBFCs and digital lenders

Automate your loan recollection by creating an

e mandate

upto ₹50 lakhs per EMI. Send an auto-reminder to ensure your borrowers do not miss the EMI or default their payments. Set up daily debits for repayment of micro-loans.

Mutual Funds and SIP platforms

Guarantee uninterrupted investments to your customers through eNACH on any of the investment instruments like Mutual Funds, equity schemes, etc.

Insurance providers

Set up eNACH

based e mandates for collecting insurance premiums on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly frequency.

Ed-tech startups and ERP solutions

Get more learners to easily subscribe to your online courses by providing eNACH on your checkout. Enable parents and students to pay school fees via auto-debit right from your institute’s website.

SaaS businesses

Grow your subscription business effortlessly by creating customized payment plans for your product or service. Set rules to auto-deduct the plan amount via e mandate on-demand, anytime based on service usage or debit the amount periodically.

What is eNACH

and how does it work?
eNACH, by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), is a central system that facilitates digital payments that are repeated or periodic in nature. eNACH helps in recurring payment collection for merchants from their customers via automatic debit from the customer’s account.

Merchants can

create e mandate

links and share via Email, SMS or Whatsapp. Customers have to authorize the e mandate request and complete a one-time authentication by entering their netbanking credentials or debit card details to start the auto-debit over any frequency.
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Choose the right NACH Mandate solution for your business


  • Fastest way to create and authorize recurring payments

  • Same day mandate confirmation by the bank

  • Superior, custom-branded checkout experience with high success rates on mandate creation

  • Allow payment retries and send auto-reminders for on time payment debit

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Physical NACH

  • Provide the convenience of auto-debit to customers who do not have access to netbanking or debit card

  • Expand your recurring payments business to tier-2/tier-3 markets with lower digital adoption

  • Set up easy loan recollection with just a one-time signature approval from your borrowers

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Physical NACH
The convenience of

eNACH for recurring payments

  • Customer retentionWith just one-time digital authentication, eNACH allows you to auto-debit your customer's account at the start of every billing cycle.

  • Reduced operational costseNACH mandate drastically reduces the cost related to invoicing and having to keep up and chase late payments from customers.

  • Security and ComplianceYour customer's data is safe, as the PCI compliance will be strictly managed by your payment solutions provider.

  • SimplicityAuthorizing an eNACH mandate is a simple process. All you need is your Net banking credentials or debit card details, and you're good to go.

  • Uninterrupted serviceNo constant payment reminders, authenticate your subscription once and enjoy uninterrupted service throughout.

  • FlexibilityWith a variety of options, inclusions and easy termination, it provides an optimal user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the list of banks supported for e mandate here. There is no limitation on the number of banks supported by Cashfree Payments. We support all the banks supported by NPCI.

The corresponding bank authenticates the end-customer by asking them to enter their net banking credentials or their debit card credentials. Here, the debit card credentials are only used to authenticate the customer. This ensures, the e mandate continues uninterrupted even in the case of debit card expiry during the mandate tenure.

The maximum limit per debit for an eNACH mandate is ₹50,00,000.

The banks maintain all the e-mandates created by their customers. In order to cancel the mandate the customer can reach out to their bank.


A few banks charge the end-customer for the creation of the mandate. This charge, however, is not imposed by Cashfree Payments.
  • SBI - ₹58/-
  • BOB - ₹116/-

Utility Code or Corporate User ID is a User Identification Number that is allotted by NPCI. The Utility Code helps to identify the business in whose favor the mandate is being issued. A mandate request cannot be initiated without a Utility Code in the Mandate Management System.

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