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Say goodbye to cash flow problems with

Instant Settlements

A usual Payment Gateway settlement cycle is T+2 days. This delay often leads to stress on your working capital. With

Instant Settlements Payment Gateway

, you can:
  • Receive steady inflow of funds

  • Instantly reconcile all your payments

If you are running any festive or seasonal sale, benefit from the immediate access to sales collections with Instant Settlements and plan optimum inventory level without dependency on external credit.

Have complete control over your working capital and plan your cash reserves better without financial uncertainties. Instant access to funds lets you respond faster to business opportunities and challenges.

With ready cash in hand, take care of operational expenses like vendor payments, taxes, and other liabilities on time without missing any due dates.

Choose from multiple Settlement options as per your need

On-Demand Instant settlements

Withdraw your balance to your bank account in a single click, when you need it the most.

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Scheduled Instant Settlements

Access customer payments in the blink of an eye. Cashfree settles payments multiple times a day, starting from intervals of 15 minutes, even on bank holidays.

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Same-day Settlements

Effectively manage your daily operations. Get all your settlements at the start of your day at 9 am and when you close your books at 5 pm.

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Receive the settlements in any destination of your choice
Bank Account

Get instant fund transfer straight to your bank account.

Virtual account

Get your customer payments settled straight into your virtual account. Use virtual account funds to pay money to your vendors, do customer refunds, and disburse loans.


Flexible pricing plan, to suit your needs
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  • Zero Maintenance Fee

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* Might vary based on the type of Instant Settlements chosen and the risk assessment of your business. Price excludes GST.

Custom pricing designed for enterprises

  • Early access to new features

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Discounted pricing

  • Support over WhatsApp in addition to other channels

Get in touch with our sales team to explore the right product(s) for your payment needs and get custom pricing.

Typical settlements are processed on T+2 working days

Customer enters the payment details in Cashfree’s checkout forms

The transaction is authenticated by the customer using OTP verification

The amount is received at Cashfree’s acquiring banks

Amount is credited in merchant’s account in T+2 days after payment gateway deductions.

Merchant receives money in T+2 days
Accelerate your settlements with Instant settlements

Cashfree Payments credits the merchant’s accounts instantly after Payment Gateway deduction

Merchant receives the money instantly
Stay on top of business operations with intelligent reporting
  • View and download daily, weekly, and monthly reports or generate custom reports.

  • Understand business cash flow better through detailed reports on payments, settlements, refunds, settlement reconciliation, etc.

  • Analyze settlement status with easy-to-read graphs and downloadable custom reports through email, dashboard view, or SFTP.

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Advanced Payment Gateway features available for all
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Customized Checkout

Customize the checkout page to look like your website or mobile application.

Token Vault

Process saved card payments securely with India’s first interoperable card tokenization solution.

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Recurring Payments

Auto-debit funds for repeat payments via cards, UPI and net banking.

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Block funds when your customer places an order. If the order is modified or canceled within a week, process the refund instantly without any extra charge.

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Higher than Industry Success Rate

With smart dynamic rerouting between multiple bank payment gateways, experience the highest success rate every time.

Real-time Reconciliation

Know the real-time status of all customer payments and avoid ambiguity with real-time reconciliation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to enable Instant Settlements on Payment Gateway for your business, please reach out to us at

The settlement once made to your account will reflect instantly on your settlement reports.

The holiday settlements in Cashfree Payment Gateway lets you access your funds even on bank holidays. Charges may vary for holiday settlements. Contact to know more.

No, only the transactions that are successful will be settled in your account.

No, your transaction has to be successful in order for you to avail Instant Settlements.

Yes, with our Payment Gateway Instant Settlements, you can get access to your funds within 30 minutes of payment capture. Please send us an email to to know more.

Yes, you can get specific transactions settled with On-Demand Settlements. Please reach out to us at to know more.

Yes, you can download the settlement report for all Instant Settlements from within your Payment Gateway dashboard.

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