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KYC Verification


Onboard users seamlessly with our compliant and highly customisable 360°

identity verification platform

- built to scale as your business grows.
  • > 99% success rate

  • 100% uptime

  • KotakLifeInsurance
  • Zomato
  • Dream11
  • Meesho
  • Rapido
  • Acko
  • BajajFinserv
  • Cred


Monthly verifications


Reduction in drop-offs

1 sec

Response time for > 90% requests

KYC Verification

for core business use cases
Verify against regularly updated official databases along with robust security protocols. Pick and choose from our tailored solutions for your specific needs. 

Complete Identity Suite

Activate UPI ID Verification along with our complete

Verification Suite

to ensure all your transactions are verified and risk-free!

Fastrack account opening, KYC/

KYB Verification

, loan disbursal, overdue or allocating credit cards. Create

background verification

journeys without writing a single line of code. Verify the account before disbursement to minimize transfer failure or transfer reversals.
  • Loan Disbursals

  • KYC/

    KYB Verification

  • Credit Cards allocations

  • Payouts


Help your users get started on your platform faster with PAN and Aadhar verification via OCR which reduces the turnaround time by 75%. Explore a vast range of Identity verification APIs that are highly customisable and easy to integrate.

  • Stock market

  • Mutual funds

  • Fixed deposits

Retail Lending

Highly customisable

KYC Verification

API for Lending platforms enables you to capture details like the borrowers' name, age, address, user's image, father's name and other relevant documents.

  • Reduce loan disbursal time

  • Reduce transfer failures & reversals

  • Avoid fraudulent identities

Schedule a call with our experts today and get started with our

verification suite

  • Reduced costs and TATs

  • Exhaustive library of APIs

  • Improved acquisitions and user-experiences


Not just any other

KYC verification

One-stop solution
Manage all your verification needs in one place - no more switching between multiple platforms.
Real-Time Insights
Know the exact reasons for verification failures in real time.
Reliable Infrastructure
Scale confidently with our industry-leading TPS.
Robust APIs
Ensure seamless integration, supporting 20M daily API requests with 100% uptime.
Powerful Risk Engine
Conduct thorough data validation against the latest databases to reduce fraud risks.
No-Code Platform
Perform real-time verifications with our no-code solutions on the self-serve dashboard.
Fuzzy Matching Technology
Verify users with fuzzy matching to find near-
perfect matches.
Inbuilt Approval Flow
Enhance accuracy and reduce human errors with maker and checker roles.

Bulk Identity Verification

Perform single or bulk verifications via simple Excel uploads or API integration.
Loved by DeveloperDeveloper-friendly, easy-to-integrate

KYC Verification API

Integrate Cashfree

Verification API

s with your pre-existing ecosystem.
  • Verify sensitive user information with highly reliable and secure APIs

  • Enable Sync and Async program support

  • Use the official Cashfree Payments libraries for different programming languages
    to integrate with your product and automate the verification flow

  • Get notified on single or bulk verification status in real-time via webhooks

View API documentation
No code solutions
Just enter the required details manually or upload via an excel sheet and get validations report in under 5-sec.
Unified Dashboard
Under a unified dashboard, all your past verifications will be accessible.
Get all the verifications reports under the Reports tab. You can also download the report and view the different verification statuses.

Use cases for various industries

Verification Suite

for innovative businesses

Top businesses across industries trust Cashfree Payments'

Verification Suite

Financing solution with faster verification
Tata AIG, a leading General Insurance company has integrated Bank Account Verification APIs with the Name match feature as a part of their overall

KYC process

to reduce fraud and control disbursements of claims.

Automated User KYC

and bank account check
Bajaj Finserv, a pioneer financing company uses

KYC Verification Suite

to verify its customers before onboarding for their products like loans, insurance, FDs or before loan disbursals for personal, business or professional requirements.
Faster KYC Verification for Smarter Solution
Facilitating over 5 Lakhs+ users with Smart Card solution for children, Junio has integrated

Verification Suite API

s with their existing platform to automate the overall onboarding KYC process.
Reliable E-KYC
for Signzy
Signzy, a leading digital banking infrastructure provider trusts

Verification API

s for reliable and real-time verification of bank account numbers as a part of its

Onboarding KYC


Success Stories

Customers love our solutions!
Zaheer Adenwala
What we really like about Bank Account Verification feature is that it's extremely quick, and real-time. This feature helped us enhance the user experience - making the document approval and beneficiary onboarding very seamless.
Zaheer Adenwala
Co-Founder at Ketto
Frequently Asked Questions

On Cashfree Payments, you can instantly verify Bank Account Number, UPI ID, IFSC, PAN, etc. As you submit the request, our API gives an instant response.

No, there is no such limit. You can use the feature to verify any number of accounts in a day, 24*7.

While onboarding users, vendors, delivery partners, or even employees, an organization needs to do a Bank Account check. Minimize the chance of exposing the data to any third party, integrate Bank Account Verification API with the company’s internal systems and automated the process.

The capability to verify a/c can be used in multiple business scenarios such as

  • Employee background Verification: a recruitment agency can use the feature for a candidate's background check.
  • Vendor onboarding: a marketplace splitting commission with different vendors can use the feature to verify the bank account, PAN or other details at the time of onboarding a vendor. This also helps in making accurate payments later on. The ability to integrate the API with existing ERP helps reduce operational effort while saving costs.

Yes, Payouts users can integrate the Verification Suite to avail this feature.

Yes, if you are using Cashfree marketplace settlement and want to use identity verification API as well, you need to opt for the feature separately. Our experts will help you with the integration and you will be able to use Cashfree marketplace settlement and verification features together.

The verification can be done for 600+ recognized Indian banks including all public banks, private banks, and 126+ co-operative banks*.

Note: Verification may not be possible for some co-operative bank a/cs.

The data is directly fetched from the updated government databases, hence is highly reliable/accurate.

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