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Make Vendor Payments

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Step 1

Upload Invoices

Quickly upload invoices, either single or in bulk


Step 2

Sync from Accounting Tools

Seamlessly synchronise account payables with Tally or other accounting tools


Step 3

Set Approval workflows

View, initiate and approve invoices with customised approval workflows


Step 4

Pay Invoices

Select from a range of payment options for settling invoices conveniently


Step 5


Generate comprehensive invoice reports for seamless reconciliation

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Discover a new era in

Invoice Workflow Management

Achieve more, stress less.

Streamline tracking with invoice upload

Manage invoices

easily by single/bulk upload and keep track of them based on their respective due dates.

Verify vendor

/receiver identity with ease
Verify recipient identity (PAN, BAV, Aadhaar, GSTIN) with our KYC (Know Your Customer) & KYB (Know Your Business) features, ensuring seamless transfers with accurate bank account details.
Revolutionise accounting integration with Tally and other tools
Seamlessly sync account payables from Tally or other accounting tools to manage invoices and payments efficiently.
Diversify payment options for greater flexibility
Provide merchants with flexibility and choice in making payments through various options.
Strengthen security with approval workflows
Define the 'Approver' role to authorise or reject invoice payments, ensuring control and legitimacy through secure approval workflows.
Simplify reconciliation with invoice reports
Effortlessly reconcile invoices and payments with comprehensive reports and seamless Tally integration.

Use no code or simple to integrate API

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor Payments are the payments made against invoices received by a business during the course of its operations, this becomes a significant part of total account payables for a business. Some examples of vendor payments include payments against invoices raised by supplier or vendor of goods and services, charges for using services like AWS, email automation service etc.

Cashfree Payments has built Vendor Payments as an advanced solution to help businesses streamline all accounts payables including vendor invoices, utility bills etc. Just upload the invoice and let us manage all your invoice payments on one platform and reconcile with your accounting platform.

As of October 2022, e-invoicing is compulsory for all business to business transactions for businesses with an annual turnover exceeding 10 crore rupees. Cashfree Payments provides you with an interface as a solution to process your accounts payable. You can now pay your vendors by uploading invoices in bulk or one at a time

You can avail the introductory offer by signup up here and use the Vendor Payments solution at zero additional cost. Standard Payouts charges apply. This offer is also available for existing Cashfree Payments merchants.

Managing multiple vendor payments is simple. You get flexibility to upload invoices individually or in bulk. You can track all the invoices at a place based on their due date. Click here to know more.

Further using Cashfree Payments you can can track all their vendor payments at once place.

Cashfree's Vendor Payments platform supports bills including and not limited to Vendor bills, BBPS bills, and GST Payments [Beta]. You can easily upload, approve, and pay these bills using the platform.

You can upload your invoices easily by using the invoice upload feature provided by Cashfree. You can either upload a single invoice or perform a bulk upload of multiple invoices. You can follow the steps here to upload your invoices: Documentation

Yes, Cashfree's Vendor Payments platform seamlessly synchronizes account payables from Tally and other accounting tools. This integration enables efficient management of invoices and payments.

Cashfree Invoices & Payouts supports multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), and wallets. Customers can choose their preferred payment method to settle the invoice.

You can easily track the status of your invoices through the Cashfree Dashboard. It provides real-time updates on the payment status, including whether an invoice is pending, paid, or overdue. You can also receive automated notifications for invoice activities.

Yes, Cashfree Invoices & Payouts allows you to send automated reminders to customers for overdue invoices by selecting the ‘due date’ option.. You can set up reminders to be sent at specific intervals and customize the content of the reminder emails. Read More

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