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Tata CLiQ Delights Customers With Instant COD Refunds

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About Tata CLiQ

Tata CLiQ is an e-commerce marketplace that sells products under the umbrella of fashion, accessories and footwear, luxury goods and electronics across over 1,200 brands and 1,000 outlets in over 100 cities. They’ve built a one-of-a-kind omnichannel experience by providing customers with the ease of faster delivery (by shipping from outlets), easy pick-up, and returns. 

Feature in focus: 

COD order refunds, Payments collection from B2B merchants


Cash on delivery refund is a task 

The time taken to process refunds for any order can be anywhere from 5 to 20 days. The TAT(Turnaround time) can be further stretched if it’s a COD order. In the case of COD refunds, there is a whole new set of extra steps that involve manually collecting and processing the customer’s account details. And customers are not always comfortable with sharing these account details. Tata CLiQ wanted to streamline and enhance the omni-channel experience for its customers by providing instant refunds. 


Instant Refund for COD orders

Tata CLiQ automated the whole refund process, making it easier for them to manage refunds. They integrated Cashgram by Cashfree Payments to provide instant refunds for COD orders. As soon as the customer raised a refund request, a link is generated automatically in the system with the customer’s phone number or email id and the respective refund amount and shared with the customer via email/SMS/WhatsApp. The customer fills in his/her account details/UPI ID/Amazon Pay/Paytm details and the amount gets credited to the customer’s preferred account instantly. Cashfree Payments ensures that customer receives money in time and their account details are safe and secure. 

Why Cashgram? 

Cashgram by Cashfree Payments is a payout link, that helps businesses send money to their beneficiaries when their bank account details are not known. It gives businesses a way to simplify their refund payments and easily send money to their customers when they have only their email address/phone number. Businesses can also customize their Cashgram links to reflect their brand and provide their customers with an enhanced experience!

Companies like PUMA, Tata CLiQ, Nykaa, Furlenco, Lenskart, etc are using Cashgram to simplify their transactions and instantly send money to customers, vendors, or partners. 

You can also get creative and solve your business payouts challenges with our powerful Cashgram APIs.


Traditional Payment Method for B2B merchants

To collect payments, most online businesses provide traditional payment options for B2B including purchase orders, trade credit, and even paper checks. Tata CLiQ wanted to offer a flexible, faster, and simpler payment option to its B2B merchants (who ordered large numbers of high-value items in electronics) and wanted to automate the whole payment collection process. 


Payment collection can be fun and simple

Tata CLiQ adopted Payment Links by Cashfree Payments that enabled them to significantly reduce transaction cost, risk, and friction for B2B Merchants. Payment Links could be created for free and without writing any code for every order. The links can be customised by setting up the expiry date to when the payment is due and also adding the quantity and amount of order. After the links are created, it is easily shared via email, WhatsApp, or even SMS. The B2B merchants and distributors receive the link and have the flexibility to pay via more than 120+ payment options. The money is instantly credited to Tata CLiQ’s account. Payment Links are safe and secure and all payments made via Cashfree Payments is PCI-DSS compliant. 

Why Payment Links? 

Payment links can be used to collect online payments. They can be created easily and shared over SMS, email or WhatsApp. Get paid instantly with links without writing any code.

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