Smart Payouts

Cashfree offers money transfer API to send money to any bank account in India. Our simple, RESTful APIs take less than 1 hour to integrate and let you build bank transfers into your product.

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How Payouts helps businesses achieve scale and delight users

Bulk Excel uploads or manual bank transfers are slow, hard to reconcile, error prone, limited to banking hours and expose bank account details. This limits the frequency and volume of payments and causes delay.

Event Ticketing Platform

A ticketing platform for events uses Cashfree to pay their event partners instantly. The platform earlier used to manually process daily payments for each event vendor which limited the number of partners it could work with. By integrating Payouts, the platform has been able to grow from 20 daily vendor payouts to 50 daily vendor payouts.

On-demand service provider

A delivery service provider uses Cashfree to pay salaries and incentives to their delivery force. Earlier payments used to be processed through an Excel file upload on a weekly basis.
The merchant also faced the issue of incorrect bank accounts provided by the delivery agents which lead to failed transfers. With Payouts, a delivery boy can withdraw dues to their verified bank account, even multiple times a day. Making incentives available faster has increased workforce satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many banks are supported?

We support transfers to 160+ banks in india.

How fast a payout gets credited?

It's instant for lower amount payouts and can take 1-2 hours for higher amounts.

Can payouts be processed on banking holidays?

Yes, but for leading banks only (around 40 of them). For rest of them, it will get scheduled for the next working day.

Can payouts be initiated only during banking hours?

No. You can initiate payouts 24X7. Lower amount payouts will get processed immediately and higer amounts during the banking hours.

Can we expect long delays in payout processing?

Yes. Few times we face downtime at underlying banking infrastructure. Payouts are queued and dispatched once it's up and running again. You as a end-user need not do anything special.

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