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Verification Suite for Businesses

UPI ID From Phone Number

Instantly validate users’ details with our powerful UPI ID From Phone Number flow during onboarding and ensure successful payouts to intended users only.

  • 5-sec authentication
  • High success rate
  • Check name at bank
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Pioneered by Industry Leaders in Identity Solutions

Fetching UPI IDs from phone numbers offers a range of compelling benefits that enhance user experience, streamline processes, and improve efficiency

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Simplified user experience

Discover a seamless way to retrieve primary UPI IDs and account holder names through users' mobile numbers. Eliminate the need for users to recall or input complex UPI IDs, making the verification process effortless and user-friendly.
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No more user drop-offs

Elevate user experience by effortlessly collecting familiar mobile numbers. Bid farewell to frustrating drop-offs and unlock a higher verification completion rate.
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Enhanced Accuracy

Manual entry of UPI IDs can result in errors or inaccuracies, which can impact the verification process. With our APIs achieve a higher level of accuracy, reducing the likelihood of verification mistakes.
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Wider User Reach

Users from various backgrounds and levels of digital literacy may struggle with entering UPI IDs. By using phone numbers as the input, cater to a broader audience and ensure inclusivity in the verification process.
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Unrivaled UPI Coverage Across 600+ Banks

Get access to UPI IDs across a wide range of banks. This comprehensive coverage ensures that users from different financial institutions can easily complete the verification process.
India’s UPI ID Verification APIs with highest success rates
Provide the UPI VPA or UPI ID and know if UPI ID is valid, match the name provided by the beneficiary with registered name at bank and avoid chances of fraud. Use our powerful API to automate UPI verification without exposing sensitive data to third parties.
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Verify User UPI details with just phone number

UPI based micro credit lending apps
Providing credit through UPI? Leverage the feature to simplify the process of linking bank accounts and ensuring secure transactions within your app.
Gaming apps
Recommended for platforms disbursing winning amounts to UPI IDs.Give your users the ease of sharing their bank account details without exposing sensitive data.
Ecommerce platforms
Enhance the checkout process, reduce cart abandonment, and improve overall user experience during account setup, transactions and process refunds.
Ride-hailing services
Ride-hailing services can implement this feature to verify driver and passenger identities, enhancing safety and security for both parties.
Frequently Asked Questions
Our UPI ID from phone number flow allows you to quickly and securely validate users' details during onboarding by fetching their UPI ID and account holder name directly from their phone number.
UPI ID from phone number feature offers instant authentication of a user by checking the primary UPI ID linked with the phone number of a user. This ensures a seamless onboarding experience, along with a high success rate, and the ability to cross-check the user's name at their respective bank for added verification accuracy.
Yes, our system has been designed to fetch accurate information directly from the user's bank, providing you with reliable and validated details. Manual entry of UPI IDs can result in errors or inaccuracies, which can impact the verification process. With our APIs businesses can achieve a higher level of accuracy, reducing the likelihood of verification mistakes.
Our UPI ID from phone number flow boasts a high success rate, ensuring that the majority of your users can be quickly and accurately verified. The UPI IDs can be retrieved across all phone networks, and UPI IDs across 600+ banks.
Absolutely, our feature allows you to cross-check the user's name with their bank, ensuring that payouts are only processed to intended and verified recipients.
Yes, businesses across various industries can integrate our UPI ID from phone number feature to enhance their user verification and payout processes.
We prioritize user security. All information is securely retrieved and encrypted, adhering to industry-leading data protection standards.
Yes, our UPI ID from phone number flow can be used for both individual user verifications and bulk verifications using APIs, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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