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Streamline high-value recurring payments for your business with


Create fast and secure digital mandates and collect large recurring payments. With Cashfree’s


, authorise auto-debit from customer bank accounts up to ₹ 1Cr across 50+ banks.
  • 24-hr mandate creation

  • Up to ₹ 1Cr transaction limit

  • 50+ bank integrations

What is eNACH

and why is it important?


(electronic National Automated Clearing House) is a digital payment system built by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) that automates periodic or recurring payments with automatic debits from the customer account. Our

eNACH solution

is ideal for higher transaction values - premiums, EMIs, loan repayment and more. Leverage eNACH by Cashfree Payments to  increase customer retention, lower operational cost and give your subscription customers a seamless onboarding experience.

Our customers are elevating their recurring payments experience with eNACH

eNACH for Fast, Secure and Seamless Recurring Payments
RBI seal

Security ensured, stay RBI compliant

At Cashfree Payments we ensure that all the UPI authentications initiated and auto-debits processed are as per latest government guidelines.

eNACH has proved invaluable for these businesses
NBFCs and digital lenders
NBFCs and digital lenders

Reduce loan defaults and late repayment by setting up auto-debits via eNACH. Leverage ~*98% success rate (excluding business declines) on subsequent EMIs with payment retries.

Mutual Funds and SIP platforms
Mutual Funds and SIP platforms

Set and authorise e-Mandates on KYC verified bank accounts and curate uninterrupted investment experience for your customers.

Insurance Providers
Insurance Providers

Offer custom insurance plans and set up eNACH based e-Mandates for collecting premiums on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly frequency.


Increase retention by 3X with one-time authorisation on eNACH. Create subscription plans to provide your learners with flexible learning options and budget-friendly EMIs.

SaaS businesses
SaaS businesses

Grow your business by creating custom payment plans for your product/service. Auto-deduct payments via e-Mandate on-demand, based on service usage or debit the amount periodically.


Collect rent for housing and office rentals, co-working and co-living spaces, and other rental facilities with the ease of subscriptions.

Do much more with eNACH
Northern Arc
How Cashfree helped Faircent, a P2P lending platform, reduce their loan recollection time by 87.5%
“We are one of the early customers of Cashfree’s Subscription suite. From the very beginning, Cashfree has been a solid 10/10 in onboarding and support. With Cashfree Subscriptions, the ease of loan disbursals, loan recollection and faster settlements have directly contributed to increased customer satisfaction for Faircent’s lending platform.”
Improved mandate creation TAT by 8x
Scaled operations by onboarding 45 lakh users
Increased payments success rate for loan repayments
Choose the recurring payment model that fits your business

Fixed Model

The customer pays a pre-decided amount at regular intervals for the subscription service. For example, loan repayments and insurance premiums work on fixed models.

Usage Based Model

Set and authorise


on KYC verified bank accounts and curate uninterrupted investment experience for your customers.

Hybrid Model

Offer custom insurance plans and set up eNACH based


for collecting premiums on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly frequency.


Grow your subscription business with India’s favourite recurring payments solution
  • Paperless and same day onboarding

  • E-commerce Plugins

  • Easy-to-use dashboard

  • Developer friendly integration kits

  • Industry-best support

  • Fast settlements

For questions around implementation, customised pricing and more, reach out to us here .

Become a part of the most advanced subscription ecosystem in India
Enable your customers to handle recurring transactions with ease using the widest range of recurring payment stacks, in addition to UPI


UPI AutoPay

UPI AutoPay

Automate recurring payments up to ₹ 15000 by using the most popular payment method in India - UPI. Customers can activate the one-time UPI mandate from any of 20+ supported UPI apps.

Physical Mandate

Physical Mandate

Auto-debit is possible to configure for customers who do not have access to net banking or a debit card through one-time physical signature approval.

SI on cards

SI on cards

Customers can enter credit or debit card details, give standing instruction (SI) for future automated payments. Businesses can collect recurring payments of up to ₹15,000/- without 2FA / OTPs.

Frequently Asked Questions
A mandate is a contract between you and your customer that allows you to deduct funds from your customer on a pre-decided frequency with a pre-decided amount. e-Mandate, or electronic-Mandate is the online version of mandates where you can create, edit and delete the mandates online. e-NACH, short for Electronic National Automated Clearing House, serves as the framework that facilitates the processing of e-Mandates within India. This automated payment system enables smooth, digital, and recurring transactions up to ₹1 crore.
e-Mandates can be created for any customer who has an active bank account. The e-Mandates can be activated either with the customer’s net banking details, Aadhar card or credit/debit card.
The corresponding bank authenticates the end-customer by asking them to enter their net banking credentials or their debit card credentials. Here, the debit card credentials are only used to authenticate the customer. This ensures that the e-Mandate transactions are uninterrupted even in the case of debit card expiry during the mandate tenure.
With Cashfree, e-Mandates are activated within 1 to 2 days.
Cashfree supports all 50+ banks supported by NPCI for e-Mandate registration. You can find the list of supported banks here
Yes, the e-Mandate can be cancelled by raising a request with the bank. As soon as the bank approves the cancellation request, the e-Mandate is revoked. However, in case of mandates on loan repayments and EMI, mandates are non-revocable as per RBI guidelines.
Yes, you can modify the amount and payment frequency of e-Mandates from Cashfree’s dashboard and send it to your customer for authorisation. Once your customer authorises the modified e-Mandate, the future payments would reflect the changes.
If the payment fails, the merchant can retry the payment again.
Utility Code or Corporate User ID is a User Identification Number that is allotted by NPCI. The Utility Code helps to identify the business in whose favour the mandate is being issued. A mandate request cannot be initiated without a Utility Code in the Mandate Management System.
If you are already a customer, you can reach us in the following ways:
  • Raise a ticket on your dashboard
  • Email at care@cashfree.com
  • Get in touch with your Account Manager at Cashfree.
If you are new here, or need help with implementation, pricing, or general support, get in touch with our experts here.

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