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KYC Link

India’s first no code KYC solution

Go live with zero integration and start sending KYC links through email and whatsapp to your users to verify them for onboarding, high value purchases, regulatory requirements, and much more.

  • Avail PAN, Aadhar, Bank Account, UPI in a single place
  • Create your own branded KYC link
  • Verify 10,000 users in one go
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Start verifying and onboarding customers with no in-house support

Go-live in minutes with zero integration and save 10+ weeks of developer time, get a comprehensive dashboard for all your onboarding operations.

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No manual documentation

Eliminate the need for manual document sharing - users can open the link and enter all details such as PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Account Details and more.
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Boost your Revenue

Improve your user acquisition by 20%, by sending KYC links to dropped users to activate them instantly.
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Enhanced Accuracy

Give power back to the user by enabling them to fill their own KYC details and reduce onboarding failures due to incorrect details by 60%.
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100% Compliance & data privacy

Stay compliant by ensuring user does not share PAN & Aadhar data with you and the verification is done as per regulations.

Customization to make it your own

Flexible configurations
Define the KYC your user needs to complete to get onboarded or to transact
Customize with ease
Create custom onboarding forms everytime to give your user your branded experience
Send the custom link to your users and activate dropped off users
Comprehensive User Self KYC Solution
Seamlessly onboard your users - online or offline - with KYC Link
Online Onboarding
Online Onboarding
  • Ecommerce marketplacesOnboard sellers within minutes on your platform by enabling them to complete KYB via Whatsapp

  • Early stage FintechsGet early validation for your product without the need for any development effort on customer onboarding

  • Freelance & Gig Economy PlatformsOnboard freelancers or gig economy workers and verify their bank details for secure payouts

  • Real Estate E- PlatformsVerify identity of property sellers and buyers, ensuring trust and transparency in your platform

  • Reseller and Affiliate programsLet your affiliate partners or resellers onboard new users and complete kyc with zero friction

Offline Onboarding
Offline Onboarding
  • Rental PlatformsShare link to complete KYC at the time of booking or at the time of delivery or pick up, for a seamless customer experience

  • Tourism and HospitalityAuthenticate guests right after their online booking to make their travel and check-in hassle free

  • Employment AgenciesLet candidates complete their identity verification on their own and fastrack the background verification process

  • Event & Conference OrganizersDeploy KYC Link to register attendees for large scale events, conferences with a single click

  • High value and regulated purchasesVerify the authenticity of your buyer, as per regulatory mandates, before sale of high value items

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Frequently Asked Questions
KYC Link is a no code link based verification solution that allows businesses to easily verify the identity of users by sending them a verification link through Email, WhatsApp, or SMS. Users can open this link to enter their KYC details, like bank account number, PAN, Aadhaar, etc., and complete the KYC process seamlessly during onboarding.
The business sends a Verification Link to the user via their preferred communication channel which can be email, WhatsApp or SMS. Upon receiving the link, the user opens it and inputs the necessary KYC details, which are then securely transmitted back to the business for verification.
The Verification Link is perfect for businesses that want a hassle-free, streamlined process to verify the identity of their users without the need for coding or complex integrations. It helps in ensuring compliance, fraud prevention, and building trust with your customers. Do users need to download an app to use complete the KYC using the Verification KYC Link? No, users do not need to download any application. The Verification Link opens in a web browser, allowing users to complete the process easily from any device with internet access.
If a user doesn't complete the verification, the link will eventually expire based on the duration set by the business. You can also set reminders or resend the link if needed.
Yes, the Verification Link solution offers customization options to ensure it aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and specific requirements.
You will receive a notification or update in your dashboard every time a user completes their verification. This ensures you can take timely actions or follow-ups as necessary.
The security of your users' information is our top priority. The Verification Link uses advanced encryption standards to ensure data is securely transmitted and stored. Moreover, Cashfree Payments follows industry-best practices to safeguard all collected information. How can businesses integrate the Verification Link into their systems? Since Verification Link is a no-code solution, businesses can easily integrate it without the need for specialized technical knowledge or coding skills.
Any business that requires user identity verification can use the Verification Link, including but not limited to financial institutions, e-commerce platforms, online gaming sites, and telecommunications companies.
Using your Cashfree Payments Dashboard, you can generate a single link or links in bulk by just providing name and phone number of user.
Link creation is absolutely free. Standard Verification pricing will apply depending on the verifications you chose from - eg Bank Account Verification, PAN Verification etc. For custom pricing, log in to your account and reach out to your Sales Account Manager.

Getting started is simple! Sign up with Cashfree Payments, choose the Verification Form solution, and follow the easy setup instructions. You'll be ready to send verification links in no time!

Note: Always ensure you have permission from users before sending them any form of communication or requesting personal information to avoid getting blocked or marked spammed on WhatsApp.

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