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Api Banking

API Banking

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What is API Banking?

API Banking

is an online connection which a third party can establish with a bank to get limited access to a bank's core system. Third parties can use the APIs to pull data and offer bank services like bank balance check, account creation etc for their customers.
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API Banking Models
How does API Banking work?

Banks (e.g. ICICI) allow limited and secured access to their core banking system for other third-party platforms, like Cashfree Payments, to access data and execute banking functions like transactions, balance queries, and checking account information.


ICICI opens its core banking system for Cashfree Payments


Cashfree Payments integrates the bank APIs to establish a connection with ICICI’s core banking system


Cashfree Payments makes a request (API calls) to fetch the required data from ICICI servers or execute functions

* The brand names have been used only for reference. Brand names & logos are property of the respective bank & institution.Create Account
Experience the power of API Banking with Cashfree Payments

Payouts Direct: Fund Sources

Add multiple fund sources like current bank account, loan account, corporate credit card, Paytm wallet. Add funds, define weightage, initiate payouts, check balance, track transfer status in real time, and do more.

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Integrated Payouts

Initiate customer refunds, pay vendors and employees, disburse loans or pay winnings, and more with Payouts 24x7, even on a bank holiday.

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Accounts issuance

Create bank accounts for your users in minutes, with 100% paperless online KYC. Link multiple existing bank accounts and access accounts from a single platform.

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The new age

API Banking Platform

in India

With Cashfree Payouts, businesses can manage their entire financial operations and make instant payouts via all available methods using our powerful, easy-to-use dashboard or robust API, that lets you do everything.

The Old Way
Bank APIs are often written with SOAP protocol that is complex to integrate and offer lesser flexibility around sending data. Your business would typically take 6 months or more to get started.
Bank servers can process only a certain number of transactions per second (TPS). If you are a scaling business, all such transactions will fail, if you try to process over the set limit.
Integration is time-consuming for a single account. When a specific bank’s server is down, there is no alternative for your business to transact.
In case of any failed or reversed transactions, identifying and reconciling them requires effort. Different banks and different payment methods tend to have varying reporting formats and types of issues, further complicating the problem.
The ID Verification process causes too much friction. Customer approval can take minutes, hours, or even days in some cases, as customers must go through a manual and friction-heavy onboarding process.
The New Cashfree Payments Way
Easily integrate with your website, app, and ERP and send money automatically. Use API or easy-to-use Dashboard. Move beyond file upload errors. Bulk payouts are easy now.
Scale your business with Cashfree Payments's money transfer API. Process upto 100,000 payouts per day. Cashfree Banking APIs work 24x7. Money moves even when banks don't.
With the integration of multiple banks, Cashfree Payments provides the ability to reroute transactions to alternate banks if the originating bank server is not responsive.
Achieve near 100% reconciliation within 24 hours. Transfers, failures, reversals and reconciliation - automate the manual reconciliation process across multiple transfer modes, destination banks and reporting formats.
You can use Cashfree Payments Bank Account Verification feature to validate the accuracy of bank account number and account holder name before sending money in real-time. Avoid the grunt work and verify UPI IDs in bulk.

Automate GSTIN verification for your vendors and supplies.

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Make payouts to any bank account / UPI ID / card/ AmazonPay / Paytm instantly even on a bank holiday.

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Payout links to send money without collecting receiver bank account details or UPI details.

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Verification Suite

Verification Suite

Verify and validate users before onboarding to ensure the successful transfer of funds to beneficiaries. Verify bank accounts, UPI VPAs, IFSCs, PANs, Aadhaars, and GSTINs instantly.

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Payment Gateway

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Accept domestic and international payments for your website or app.

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