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GST Verification

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GST Verification

of your vendors for quick KYC and ensure accurate ITC claim every time.

Online GST Verification

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Verify GST

in three simple steps
Step 1Log in to your merchant dashboard andgo to the Verification Suite, from the leftside panel select GSTIN.Step 2To do a single GST Verification, clickon ‘Verify GSTIN’ and enter the 15-digitunique GST number.Step 3Get the verification status in real-time!
Note: You can use our powerful APIs to do bulk

GST number verification

. View API documentation

Who can use GST Verification by Cashfree Payments?


Ecommerce marketplaces


Lending and micro-financing platforms


B2B Reseller Companies


Insurance providers

Advanced analytics

B2B Ecommerce

Advanced analytics


Advanced analytics

Tax processing and return filing platforms

Advanced analytics

Identity verification companies

Simple integration

Most powerful GST verification API

Integrate the powerful GST Verification API with your product using only a few lines of code and automate the onboarding process.

    Highly reliable and secure APIs.
    Use the official Cashfree Payments libraries for different programming languages to integrate with your product and automate GST verification flow.
View API Documentation

curl --location --request POST ' https://api.cashfree.com/verification/gstin ' \

--header  'x-client-id: CF1848C4NLRC16Q4Q7LHG2HK70'\

--header  'x-client-secret: 2d0ecf75b2e44e517fda222a0d20e42e7f503b03'\

--header 'content-type : application/json'\

--data-row '{

   "GSTIN": "29AAACP2916R1ZR",

   "businessName": " ",



reference_id:  '19'


legal_name_of_business:  'CASHFREE'

center_jurisdiction:  'RANGE-CSD5'

state_jurisdiction:  'LGSTO 015 - Bengaluru'

date_of_registration:  '2017-07-01'

constitution_of_business:  'Private Limited Company'

taxpayer_type:  'Regular'

gst_in_status:  'Active'

last_update_date:  '2022-03-16'

nature_of_business_activities:  ' [ Service Provision, Office / Sale Office ],'

principal_place_address:  ' 1st floor, Essae Vaishnavi Summit, No. 6/B, Bengaluru, 80feet Road, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Karnataka, 560034,'

valid:  ' true'

message:  ' GSTIN Exists'


Complete Identity Suite

Activate GST Verification along with our complete Verification Suite to ensure all your transactions are verified and risk-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

GST verification is a way to verify the identity of a business registered under GST. When a business has to add vendors and service providers it is recommended to verify if the GSTIN of the business is valid, and check business details. Correct GSTIN helps buyers claim ITC on purchases and validate identity of business they are dealing with.

Cashfree Payments offers GST Verification API and dashboard solution as part of Verification Suite sign up on Cashfree Payments to verify GST details of any business. When you sign up you also get 100 free credits that you can use for free trial of any Verification product.

No, to verify a GST, it is mandatory to enter the GST number, additionally you can enter the business name and then check it against the legal name of the business as per GST portal records.

Once a GST number is entered, the system will return whether the GST number is valid or not along with the following details (if valid):

  • Legal name of the business.
  • Center jurisdiction.
  • State jurisdiction.
  • Date of GST registration.
  • Constitution of business like private limited company, public company etc.
  • Tax payer type like regular, composite.
  • GST registration status.
  • Last update as per GST registration.
  • Nature of business activities like services provision.
  • Principal office place of business address.

No, there is no limit to the number of GST verifications that can be verified in a day.

Using GST Verification API, you verify GST number instantly under seconds.

There is an option to pay either way - pre-paid or post-paid. Please get in touch with our sales team to find the best suitable method for you.

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