High Risk Transactions & High Risk Merchants


What are high-risk transactions?

A particular transaction which may be to have the potential to attract a customer dispute or chargeback is identified by Cashfree as well as banking partners and marked as a high-risk transaction. The payment to the merchant against such a transaction is put on hold until the issue is resolved. 

Who are high-risk merchants?

As a payment gateway, Cashfree generally settles the collected amount within T+1 or T+2 days. However, a few merchants may not qualify for the traditional process of payment processing agreements, due to the inherent risk which is based on the nature of the business.

In addition to the line of business, there may be instances where Cashfree may get frequent escalations from consumers or banks about the genuinity of transactions or financial credibility, based on its risk analysis. In such cases, Cashfree may have to mark that business as a high-risk merchant and temporarily suspend the traditional payment settlement process for such a merchant. 

High-risk merchants at the time of onboarding?

If the nature of the businesses is seen as risky, to protect the interest of the paying consumer, at Cashfree from the time of onboarding the merchant, Cashfree monitors the merchant for a certain period of time.

During this period all settlements by the high-risk merchant shall be subject to the submission of Proof of Delivery. As soon as the proofs are submitted, the settlements are processed. The time frame of monitoring may vary from merchant to merchant and scenario to scenario; this shall be decided by Cashfree at the time of onboarding the merchant.

What are the documents required to prove delivery?

As proof of delivery, you can share ANY ONE of the following supporting documents:

Invoice copy:  Every invoice should include your company name, price, and description of the product, date, customer’s name, and address, and transaction date.

Order confirmation email:  Confirmation emails provide customers with the feeling of post-purchase reassurance. It should mandatorily include confirmation of your customer request (booking, registration, subscription, and order) and the order summary.

Tracking details: Shipment tracking details provided by the courier delivery company. (Please note that this may not be applicable for all).

The above mentioned supporting documents are the general proofs that we request., Depending upon the nature of your business/ line of business (LOBO), we may ask you to provide other details such as:                 

Customer signed Proof of Delivery: Customer signed copy of proof of delivery.

Confirmation email from a customer: An email from the customer confirming the delivery of the product or the service provided.

Customer signed copy of invoice: A signed copy of the invoice from a customer.


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