Important communication - Payouts recharges to Yes bank account starting with 808080 will be permanently disabled w.e.f 6:00PM, 24th Nov 2022.


This communication is in regard to the previous email with SUBJECT LINE : [Important] Disabling recharges to Payout Yes bank accounts starting with 808080 - Cashfree Payments

We wanted to help you with a gentle reminder regarding the disablement of Cashfree payout wallet recharges to Yes Bank account numbers starting with 808080, w.e.f. 6:00 PM, 24th Nov 2022 (Thursday)  

How does this affect you?

Please note that any recharge attempts made to Yes Bank accounts starting with number 808080 will be rejected after the above cutoff date & time. Post Cutoff, such recharge amounts will not be credited to the Cashfree wallet and will be returned automatically back to you (TAT of 3 working days).

What should you ideally do?

We request you to 

a). Exclude the Yes bank account (Starting with 808080) from your beneficiary list and 

b). Add an alternative account mentioned on the Merchant dashboard under the ‘Fund sources’ and then continue to recharge on the newly added beneficiary account.

We have also added a step-by-step guide here which will help you with the process.

Services which will not be affected because of the new changes are mentioned in the attached link.

In case of any queries related to Recharge bank accounts, feel free to reach out to us at


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