What documents to be submitted as a proof of delivery?


Invoice copy:  Every invoice should include your company name, price, and description of the product, date, customer’s name, and address, contact information (Email and/or phone), and transaction date.

Order confirmation email:  Confirmation emails provide customers with the feeling of post-purchase reassurance. It should mandatorily include confirmation of your customer request (booking, registration, subscription, and order) and the order summary.

Tracking details: Shipment tracking details provided by the courier delivery company. (Please note that this may not be applicable for all).

The above mentioned supporting documents are the general proofs that we request., depending upon the nature of business/ line of business (LOB), we may ask for other details such as:                 

Customer signed Proof of Delivery: Customer signed copy of proof of delivery.

Confirmation email from a customer: An email from the customer confirming the delivery of the product or the service provided.

Customer signed copy of invoice: A signed copy of the invoice from a customer.


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